The future arrives when Wanderer, a time-traveling PS VR adventure, launches tomorrow

The fate of humanity lies in your hands - reshape this world and change the course of history with tips from the dev.

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SullysCigar121d ago

This looks awesome. The only thing that worries me is the likely length. Can anyone confirm it's mot short, as it has the feel of a game that might be?

If they price it right though, I'm in!

Neonridr120d ago

according to the devs on reddit a while ago they said that a rough playthrough would be about 6 hours (depending on how good you are with puzzles).

SullysCigar120d ago

Thanks for that info, I actually came here to update to similar effect.

I just listened to PSVR Without Parole, as they interviewed the devs yesterday. They said the average gamer takes around 8 hours, although both guys at PSVR Without Parole said they played for far longer.

That's good enough for me. Game has a Quantum Leap x Edith Finch feel, so it's up my alley.

Neonridr120d ago

@SullysCigar - I'm interested to see more for sure.