Steam Deck Release Date Revealed for Feb. 25

Valve has announced the official Steam Deck launch date for Feb. 25 along with other details.

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Magog119d ago

How to get one was to pre-order it within the first 5 minutes. Everyone else is in for a looong wait.

_SilverHawk_119d ago

I cant wait to have mine in February.

119d ago
TheRealTedCruz119d ago

So which is it?

Does nobody care about it, being you have nothing good to say about it.

Are you excited for it, being you claim you already have one preordered.

Is it a nothing device nobody cares about, yet you had to instantly preorder to have access to it?

I'm just trying to keep up with your BS.

Magog119d ago

None of the above. There were a very small amount of pre-orders for the first wave compared to a traditional console release date.

Lionsguard119d ago

I'm okay with that. I'm in the 2nd round batches whenever that is and it should be enough time for reviewers to really get a feel for it.

darthv72119d ago

Really looking forward to this.

Crows90119d ago

It can essentially be a handheld Xbox if you can install gamepass.

mkis007119d ago

Wish there would have been more guarantees as far as games went.

TheRealTedCruz119d ago

What do you mean?

Do you have a Steam account?
Whatever is on there you have access to.

You can also run it as a windows device and have access to virtually any game made.

mkis007118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Not all games are proton compatible. I dont have a desire to wipe the os.

Xristo119d ago

Mines around 2nd quarter 2022. Which is fine considering I’ll see plenty of reviews prior to pulling the trigger. Definitely looking forward to it though.

stefd75119d ago

Mine says after Q2 so like you if it turns out to be poo i can save the odd £500 and blow that all on hats

Vengeance1138119d ago

2hr battery life really kills this for me, hard pass. I know the official statement is "2-8hrs" but come on, the 8 is for if you arent playing anything more complicated than Tetris lol

thorstein119d ago

Hook up a PC to a battery. See how long it lasts. Most laptops are 1.5 to 4 hours before needing a recharge.

EvertonFC119d ago

That's what I heard for gfx intensive AAA titles, put me off too, although I will pick one up next year sometime (2023)

IanTH119d ago

Battery life is in the ballpark of the OG Switch, but with the power of essentially a PS4 in the palm of your hands, so I'm alright with the low end considering the 2 hour mark will be pretty much when you're pushing it to its limits. I think you pop some indies, older AAA games, or sensible settings for newer games and you'll get fairly livable battery life....I hope lol.

And if I'm really going to be away from an outlet for longer than that, bringing a battery pack with a USB-C cable isn't a huge lift in my opinion. Will be curious to see more hands-on closer to launch. I've got a pre-order for Q2 2022, so I'll have some time to see how solid it is before fully pulling the trigger at least.

Outlawzz119d ago


It's best to wait for actual game tests to know what battery life will be like. Your not being very realistic.

Vengeance1138118d ago

2-8hr number came straight from the developer's mouths. Game tests aren't going to magically make that number double.
Live in the real world please!

Outlawzz118d ago


Right do you realize the difference between those two numbers. You can't just assume every game will automatically make battery life 2 hrs. Your taking one point and ignoring everything else.

NovusTerminus119d ago

Two things about this.

1: For me, most of my trips would only need an hour or so, but lower graphics settings will allow longer battery time.
2: Battery packs for on the go charging.

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