The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Shouldn't Be a Premium Remaster

At $10, the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection upgrade fee isn’t too steep, but, given its competition, it’s needlessly frustrating.

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ziggurcat110d ago

It's a total remaster, not an upgrade patch...

GaboonViper110d ago

Journalism is in the gutter, my rescue cat would do a better job.

Aloymetal110d ago

Lmao. Put them all in a blender, mix well and voila! you got yourself a nice diarrhea smoothie.

JEECE110d ago

Unfortunately the difference between a native version of a game for current gen consoles and a patch that simply allows the last gen version to take better advantage of current gen consoles has become totally blurred. Nowhere was this better illustrated than Ghost of Tsushima. For that game Sucker Punch launched a free patch that allows the PS4 version of the game to run at a better frame rate and resolution on PS5. Then they also released a native PS5 version of the game with additional features. Even though they gave away a free patch that takes advantage of PS5, "journalists" still accused them of "charging people for a 60 fps patch" when referring to the native PS5 version of the game.

darthv72110d ago

According to DF, there isnt a whole lot of visual changes made to Uncharted. Sony could very well have done the same patch like they did with GoT. Where GoT stands out though is the extra features that were not present in the original. For Uncharted to get minimal improvements isnt saying its a bad remaster, quite the contrary. It s a testament to the level of quality and polish ND put into the original to where not much needed to be changed in order to achieve what we have now.

Why Sony didnt just offer this (for those who wanted to buy the combo) as well as a free patch for those who already have the original(s) is the question on people's minds. Especially given their making free upgrades to existing games. Only Sony knows that answer. Regardless, I'm going to pay for the upgrade AND get the physical copy (I like collecting compilations to which this would be).

Orchard110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

Is it? I was under the impression it was NOT a total remaster.

What are they doing that makes it a complete remaster?

But it's also only $10 for an upgrade (technically $5 per game), I wouldn't call that premium in terms of pricing - a McDonalds meal costs more. The part that stings more is for those who got it via PS+ and now have to pay full price.

TheRealTedCruz109d ago

There isn't much had with the remasters. They're basically just old games making use of new hardware.

No different than upgrading a GPU or CPU on a PC, and seeing a difference in overall fidelity allowed.

At the end of the day, it's $10 to upgrade here. It's not the end of the world. But anyone making it out like there was a bunch of work put into these is full of it. They're not; and it makes me appreciate what MS has been doing with backwards compatibility and smart delivery that much more.

Teflon02109d ago

Here's my thing. I own Uncharted 4, I don't own lost legacy. For $10 I get an upgraded game and the other game I don't have that's normally more than $10. There's no reason for anyone to complain really. If you're talking about how it's a full game release. If you don't own Uncharted 4 or lost legacy, probably shouldn't even be complaining to begin with. If you want though you can buy lost legacy for $20 and upgrade it. Get both for $30, still a big win

Darkwatchman110d ago

The actual improvement is negligible. It’s essentially just LoD/draw distance. The actual faults in its rendering like the low resolution reflections, volumetrics, and shadows remain in place. It is hardly befitting of the remaster label.

Whereas we saw the Nathan Drake collection get wholesale improvements to textures, geometry, etc…this new collection is mostly a resolution and framerate boost.

We’ve even had FREE upgrades like the Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition that offer a much larger visual gain. Metro Exodus not only DOUBLED the framerate but also instituted a fully ray traced global illumination/lighting pipeline that has a transformative effect on the visuals. That was FREE. Yet Sony is charging $10 for a basic port of one of their biggest IP’s that deserves so much better than what they got.

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Profchaos109d ago

I've watched a few comparisons and what I'm walking away with is that the game features higher lod which shows more detail in scenes at a distance and better frame rate.

I agree that it couldn't all be done in a patch however it's not something they should charge for existing owners to upgrade.

If you only own the base game and not the DLC or vice versa yes the upgrade is worth it as you'll get the other game you are yet to play.

Or if you intend to go see the uncharted movie you'll score a free ticket which means the upgrade actually coat you less than you would have spent on the movie ticket.

If you don't fit those categories it's a hard sell and ND could have just enabled better fps In a patch and let us live with lower lod.or made the upgrade free

darthv72109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

ND was said to have been working on this patch at the same time they did LoU2. But Sony told them not to release as they had other plans.

Profchaos109d ago

Just to clarify i own both the game and DLC but I'll be going to see the movie so the upgrade cost seems like a no brainer I just hope ticket redemption isn't a chore

ChubbyBlade109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Literally all of it could have been done in a patch. All a patch does is replace files. It’s just the same game with better LOD and performance with haptic feedback.

neutralgamer1992109d ago

A lot of fake rage by those who don't even have interest in PlayStation. Seriously some of you think we don't know the history behind your comments and y'all are well know

Sony is giving you the upgrade option. Not every game will give free next generation upgrades. NBA 2k started charging $70 for next gen versions. Soon enough most AAA games will cost $70 anyway it's coming q lot sooner than people realize

darthv72109d ago

...fake rage. Sure, good luck with that.

Orchard109d ago

God forbid consumers get annoyed at paid upgrades when the same parent company and studio has done similar upgrades for free, and their competitor is too.

Must be fake rage, because consumers love paying as much as possible for things /s

ChubbyBlade109d ago

Only on consoles will you find people defending paying extra money for performance on better hardware.

On Pc it’s literally in the options menu. $10 on ps5!

neutralgamer1992107d ago (Edited 107d ago )


Customers can pop in their old discs from PlayStation 4 and get to play them nowhere did they get any sort of agreement that if future consoles launch that these games would get free upgrades that's called entitlement

And that other company which delayed Halo infinite for a year still launched Halo single player with missing features that have been part of past halo games after spending more than 6 years in development and close to half a billion dollar in budget

Also the other company that you're talking about let that company first match the quality of AAA Blockbusters that PlayStation offers before we talk about free upgrades. Just buying the publishers doesn't mean anything until we see actual quality products.


Is fake rage because most analysts still predict that PlayStation 5 will outsell Xbox 2-1. From PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 5 one thing has been for sure that Sony will make amazing games that has never changed regardless of who is in charge. Just next month we are getting horizon and gt7 while Xbox is waiting for starfield which may or may not come out this year and they're still God of war Ragnarok later this year


Yes you are right PC gamers always have more options but a lot of these PlayStation exclusives have only recently started coming out on PC and we still don't know what the future titles will do and how long they will stay exclusive to the platform before going to PC


You can buy uncharted 4 for $5 like you said and pay $10 more and get uncharted 4 and Lost legacy on PlayStation 5 so for 15 bucks you get two games

As a gamer this is the way I look at it and as someone who right now has a PlayStation 5 and who will buy Xbox series X for the exclusives there is simply no excuses left either for Sony or Microsoft for not delivering amazing games. And there's still a lot of fear that just because games will be on game pass that the quality might suffer and instead of being truly AAA Blockbusters we may see more of AA mid budget titles just to have content

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brewin109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

It could easily just be a patch. Can't tell if sarcasm or serious, but there's absolutely no reason for this to be a $50 game. U4 and Lost Legacy have been on sale for $5 on PS4 in the last year. I can only imagine the backlash other companies would get for this practice. They pushed up the price and removed the option to purchase them separate on PS4 recently. That's some shady stuff but Sony gets a pass?! These kinda remasters could easily be PS Plus benefits.

Extermin8or3_109d ago

I mean if you buy the combo version of both uncharted 4 and lost legacy until recently that eoukd have cost you about $50... if you already own either if those titles it's $10. So I don't know what you are complaining about tbh. If you got it free on the ps plus collection then you got it free anyway so quit complaining.

brewin109d ago


Would there even be an upgrade fee if they didn't include a ticket to the movie?! I don't give a damn about the movie. Give me the free upgrade and shove that movie down someone else's throat. But hey, it's a good way for them to feign success of the movie. If they sell x amount of tickets it will be attributed to the fact they gave x amount of tickets away with this thing "for free" lol.

ziggurcat109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

"It could easily just be a patch."

It's not, though.

I don't disagree with you, either.

DazaMc109d ago

They could still offer a £10 upgrade to the new version if you own the original.

S2Killinit109d ago

Not to mention that if you have one game, you get both remasters for $10 bucks.

TheEroica109d ago

A total waste of time.... How many times does one need to purchase and play these mediocre uncharted games? Yikes.

1nsomniac109d ago

It’s a total remaster however They’ve specifically stayed away from showing us directly what’s different because the few screenshots that have released look identical to the original. I’m also on the side of not understanding why this is being called a remaster over just releasing as a patch. I’ve seen absolutely nothing that would grant it a remaster so far but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

ChubbyBlade109d ago

It’s an upgrade patch. Increased LOD, performance and shadow quality isn’t a remaster.

1nsomniac109d ago

I agree with you. This is like a single persons 5 minutes work and they will probably make a 6-7 figure sum from it. It’s an insanely greedy move from Sony and ND.

The worst bit being that as this passes it will become the accepted practice. We will soon be paying for patches in general

ChubbyBlade109d ago


Call it greed all you want but clearly, judging from these comments on n4g alone, people will buy it. It may be scummy but it makes money

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EvertonFC110d ago

Fidelity mode, performance mode, performance plus (120fps) remastered, haptics is more than most remasters tbh

Darkwatchman110d ago

Last I checked, remasters like the Judgment remaster doubled the framerate and resolution at the SAME time on top of making sweeping changes to lighting, shadows, reflections, and even texture quality on the most random incidental objects. All uncharted really offers is the different performance options with boosted draw distances and…that’s it….did they bother to improve the pixelated shadows, volumetric effects, and reflections? No, no they didn’t. It is a barebones release

VersusDMC109d ago

You had to buy Judgement again on PS5 though. Not even a 10$ upgrade path.

EvertonFC109d ago

They have also done reflections, lighting etc but only a little bit.

Darkwatchman109d ago

@versus and guess what? metro Exodus Enhanced Edition was FREE and doubked the framerate while adding fully ray traced lighting that had a transformative effect on the visuals. And that was free. So either way you slice it, this uncharted collection is extremely basic

ecchiless109d ago

and? you were talking about judgment, he give you facts about judgment..... so you decide to move the goalpost, pathetic....

Darkwatchman109d ago (Edited 109d ago )


Sounds more like YOU are moving the goal posts. The discussion was about how much effort there is to this “remaster”. So I provided one remaster that is much more significant but since you sheep were unsatisfied with that, I provided a FREE PATCH that does so much more than the PAID upgrade for Uncharted and you’re just going to say that’s null and void? THAT is pathetic.

Just going to ignore how many FREE upgrade paths like Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, A Plague Tale, and Gears 5 offered a much larger difference in visuals for FREE but this paid remaster is “more than most remasters” when in fact it’s even worse than most free upgrades. You people are so quick to defend these mega corporations at every turn. You’re all weird for that. They aren’t your parents. Calm down and stop being so offended.

darthv72109d ago

Haptics arent really put to use in this. Not like in the DC versions of GoT and DS.

Extermin8or3_109d ago

That down to the developers choice in how they feel it goes with the game. Have you played this then?

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Magog110d ago

I prefer games to take advantage of dualsense.

northpaws110d ago

I understand this upgrade is more than just a simple patch, but I wish they can give players a free 60fps patch if that's all they are looking for.

And then put all other enhancements in the remaster package. How you get both game for $10 more is good value for people who owned only one of the two games for sure.