Xbox Series X just got a key PS5 feature — here’s how to turn it on

Long-time Xbox owners will know that Microsoft’s console can be rather annoying if you’re trying to use a headset. Unlike The PS4 Pro and PS5, which mute audio when you plug in a headset, Xbox consoles force you to manually mute your TV the old-fashioned way.

Here’s how to mute your TV when using a headset on Xbox Series X.

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LordoftheCritics112d ago ShowReplies(5)
jjb1981112d ago

Wow, what a feature!!!

SullysCigar112d ago

This is definitely a game changer /s

Hatchetforce112d ago

Look at the way people responded to the Xbox getting this feature versus the way they responded just a day or two ago to the PS5 getting the ability to send screen caps and short videos to the PS app. Night and day.

Magog112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

So common sense. I can't imagine why they didn't have it at launch.

ElementX112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

You mean like VRR and 1440p support?

Magog112d ago

No, not like that. VRR is unstandardized and full of issues. There are no 1440p TVs only monitors so making devs support that resolution for 1% of the user base is an unnecessary burden.

monkey602112d ago

I'm waiting for 1440p on PS5 myself. I'm sure they confirmed it's coming though

Limitedtimestruggle112d ago

I came here for this comment. And I'm not disappointed.

EvertonFC112d ago

Yet Ps5 games play better than 99% of series S/X (source DF)

randomvoice112d ago

Oh yeah because having a feature which affects mostly everyone who plays with a headset and comparing it with a feature like VRR or 1440p which a very small market share totally makes sense

Tacoboto112d ago

Uncharted is amongst countless PS4 Pro & PS5 titles that have 1440p rendering modes. It's a pointless argument - just like it's common sense for MS to turn off HDMI audio when external output is detected, it's equally common sense for Sony to natively support a resolution so widely adopted by even their own top-tier developers.

Maybe we'll get it with VRR, maybe we won't ever. There are 1440p gaming monitors that can't accept a 4K signal and only upscale from 1080p. There are also TVs that can accept a 1440p120hz signal but aren't HDMI 2.1 so they can't do the full 4K signal. Plus... MS has had 1440p support since the Xbox One S and that thing probably can't even play games at that res.

anubusgold111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

@Magog You can downgrade from 4k to 1440P with no distortion unlike going from 2k to 1080p that distorts and looks bad.

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alb1899112d ago

Magog VRR and 1440p is a not brainer. In the case of the resolution it shouldn't be considered a feature, it should be standard.

Magog112d ago

Why? To add work for the devs so the 1% of people who use that kind of monitor are happy? If you want to game on a monitor just do so on PC.

HardKnockKid24112d ago

If you want sound out through headphones exclusively just mute your TV….. see how that works @magog? Everyone can JUST do something to have a better experience but it’s nice when it’s just done. Also, 1% of a hundred million is still ONE MILLION PEOPLE. Please don’t discount this.

Magog112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

@HardKnockKid24 I just through out one percent but it's probably more like 0.1%.

Neonridr112d ago

@Magog - I have a 1440p 165Hz computer monitor. It's not as uncommon as you think. Plus factor in that plenty of people play consoles on their computer monitors nowadays. Just because you have no need for it doesn't mean it shouldn't be there. Literally zero reason to not be able to output to that resolution.

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amazinglover112d ago

"VRR is unstandardized and full of issues."

This is not true VRR is a standard and that is apart of HDMI 2.1 subset if your implementing VRR it has to be the 2.1 standards that are already set.

"There are no 1440p TVs only monitors so making devs support that resolution for 1% of the user base is an unnecessary burden. "

No dev is forced too support it but is an option if they want too.

Donjune112d ago

My tele support's 1440/4k and vrr

alb1899111d ago

All the games that I have tried support 1440p. It is just bad that PS5 doesn't.

Kerppamaister112d ago

This has been on it for a while already. When was this written?

monkey602112d ago

Yeah I wondered too. I was able to change these settings when I got my Xbox earlier in the month

Kerppamaister112d ago

I'm thinking November or the like. Def in december. It's a nice QoL improvement in any case.

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