Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves - how PS5 improves upon a last-gen masterpiece

Enhanced visuals and 120fps gaming headline an impressive upgrade.

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z2g110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

dope. have it downloaded and ready to go. just watching that countdown. :) I already played and finished both on ps4 pro so this wasn't my dying to have it purchase, but I do love the games an it looking forward to some high frame rates.

VerminSC110d ago

Cool! So they did improve textures, and reflections even if only a bit. I wonder if my TV supports 120fps…

EvertonFC110d ago

If your TV is older than 2021 model TVs then probably not

darthv72110d ago

I watched this earlier and my take away is John likes the fact that both games are now on one disc, but that there is nothing here that could not have been addressed with a patch, like they did for LoU2.