Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection trophies only offer one Platinum to earn

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is stealing a Platinum Trophy away from fans as two trophy lists are being merged into one for the PlayStation 5 remaster of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

When both games were originally released for the PlayStation 4, they offered full trophy lists for players to complete and a Platinum Trophy for dedicated trophy hunters to add to their collections. Now, though, the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection trophies will be a combined list from both games and the trophies previously attributed to The Lost Legacy will be appearing as a DLC list alongside Uncharted 4’s trophies.

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GhostofHorizon112d ago

"Stealing" is a bit too dramatic. I just hope all those trophy hunters are going to be able to recover from this grand unjustice that Naughty Dog has put them trough. Those poor people will only get one Platinum trophy when they sync their PS4 save file.

andy85112d ago

I'm doing it legit. It's still disappointing though

monkey602112d ago

There are genuinely people who will be upset over this too.

I have a friend playing through the PS4 versions now just to get the platinum trophies and he's buying the upgrade just to double them up. Like what is the point?! A sane person would have just waited to play the better versions

GhostofHorizon112d ago

I like trophies quite a bit, I mainly use them as a checklist of tasks that developer felt were interesting or unique. I get the Platinum and 100% on nearly all the games I play because they're a great way to wrap up the experience and give much needed closure for some games.

I just fail to see any competitive component to them or going out of my way to play a terrible game just because the Platinum is easy. I don't see how someone can compare their 10 quick an easy Platinums to a game that requires you to really master it and considers themselves in any way better.

andy85112d ago

The trophy community is pretty big. There's at least 100k in Facebook groups for it. Some indie devs survive because of this community if their trophy list is easy. And that's too excessive for me playing it just before the better version comes out. I platinumed both when the game out but I'll be happy to go for them again (even though there's only one)

ziggurcat112d ago

I like trophies, too, but there's challenging, and just plain idiotic. Making them idiotic doesn't make it challenging, it makes it frustrating.

There's two types of trophies/achievements that should be eliminated: luck-based ones because these things should be all based on skill, not RNG, and multiplayer because servers get shut down, preventing anyone from getting the platinum/1000G later in the game's lifespan.

It's also a nice little break from those more annoying trophy lists to knock out a few smaller games with easier trophies to cleanse the palate.

Teflon02112d ago

I'm a trophy hunter but personally no big deal its pretty generous to give free trophies like that. With Vita alot of times it was a shared trophy list so you didn't even get the same trophies twice in alot of instances. I'm personally okay with any extra trophies

ziggurcat112d ago

Did they just mash the two lists together or did they add/remove certain trophies?

ocelot07112d ago

I imagine they would have removed the multiplayer/co op trophies.

ziggurcat112d ago

I'm guessing they would have combined the collectibles trophies into one as well...

CobraKai112d ago

I have my trophy and achievements notifications turned off. Lol.

hombreacabado112d ago

This is horrendous i am boycotting this game until this situation is rectified. #boycottnaughtydog

JonTheGod112d ago Show
TheRealTedCruz112d ago

Blows my mind people even care about trophies/achievements.

I just want to play the game.

P_Bomb112d ago ShowReplies(2)
Kran111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Blows my mind people even care about video games.

I just want to earn my trophy/achievement.

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