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The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection brings two amazing games in the franchise to next-gen and does so perfectly by adding value and innovative new features.

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I already have both these games but I never did finish UC4 so this gives me a good excuse to play it again from the beginning. I wish the upgrade was free but Sony being Sony. No big deal $10 per upgrade won't kill me I suppose.

VerminSC116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

It’s $10 for both games, I believe

VersusDMC116d ago

And you just need to own one of the games to be able to do the 10$ to get both remasters.


Is it? Well that's even better. I wonder how that's going to work when they are two separate games. I need to look into this.

Tacoboto116d ago

Getting the full package even if you only own one makes this pretty reasonable.

Lost Legacy was just as good as 4 if not even better, I really liked the hub design that they furthered improved on for the early Seattle area of TLOU2.

Goodkush116d ago

Same. Are going to start from the beginning or just resume from where u left?


I'm starting fresh on both games

Army_of_Darkness116d ago

Yeah I will have to start from the beginning as well on both games cause I didn't get a chance to finish neither one, so I have no idea where I left off?!😅

sourOG116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

It’s just uncharted 4 and lost legacy? Gross. Who made that decision lol? I thought it was the full series. PC players jumping into the end of the story and worst game of the series lol. I’d say skip U4 and just play lost legacy. It’s the second best game in the series.

sourOG116d ago

REALLY REALLY. It doesn’t change my point though.

andy85116d ago

Worst one of the Series but yet UC4 has the highest user score of the whole series. I guess it's cool to hate on good things

sourOG116d ago

I don’t care what it rated or sold lol. Only goobers base their opinions on others’ opinions and purchases. I don’t care if you like it and think it’s the best in the series, good for you I say.

I “hate” on it because it’s garbage in comparison to the rest. The only thing better is the animations. I’m “hating” because they are throwing PC players in the deep end with no context which is hilarious.

Flewid638116d ago

Literally nobody thinks this about Lost Legacy. lmao.

sourOG116d ago

Well I do so not literally, right?

Lost legacy is fantastic. When they turned drake into a little bitch in 4 Chloe stepped up and put on the boots. Nadine was also awful in U4, terrible character with training wheel fights. Nadine was awesome in lost legacy.

sourOG116d ago

It’s also a stand alone story which is great for PC players. I’d highly recommend lost legacy to pc people on the fence. Great pacing and banter, a solid adventure game that feels good.

U4 is a crappy ending (imo) to a great trilogy. There is one part with with pirate ships where I was like “this is f***ing uncharted.” And few parts with Elaine that really good too. In fact all stuff with Elaine was dope but they are far and few between.

I’m just thinking from a pc players perspective. It will be even worse for them because they have no character context. It’s like you’re reading the last few pages of a book. I say play lost legacy first. That’s stand alone uncharted. Then play U4 and let me know if you think it’s better.

masterfox116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Can't effing wait for this!!!, for me is like a releasing of a brand new game really freaking excited to play this in 60 fps!, I still remember the shoutout part in the market area years ago and I was amazed(physics, character , reaction, dozens of details all over the place) how awesome that looked and wonder how it will look like this in 60 fps!!, a few more days.!

Aloymetal116d ago

No doubt, the 60 fps alone will make these games feel amazing. Also, can't wait to find out what ND is cooking for us and PS5. Masters at their craft!

116d ago
darthv72116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

So is this the only way to play UC4 in 60fps? I wondered why they didnt have a 60fps mode for the PS4 running on a PS5 like they did for Uncharted Collection. Being only $10 to upgrade... yeah I can swing that. 60fps has me spoiled this gen.

edit: thanks for the info stupor. Now that i think of it, I have both games (on disc) for PS4 and it would be easier to use just one disc to play both instead of putting in each one when I want to play either game. And I do like collecting compilations (which the PS5 would be). Now im not sure if i want to pony up the $10 now or just wait and get the PS5 disc when it goes on sale. I am itching to play at 60fps though so I might end up just using my own disc now and THEN get it on PS5 when i see it for cheap.

IanTH116d ago

Yeah, it's a little gross to realize that they could have added a free 60fps patch like they did for their other bigger releases, but knew this was coming down the pike so held off as to entice more people to shell out $10. If the package holds value outside the framerate, which it very well might, give the 60fps patch free and then let us buy this on the other merits.

As it is, I'll likely buy this simply to have the higher framerate version, and to spend less than rebuying on PC. Don't love it, but the sad thing is they know a lot of us will pay for it. And with the easy money of HD collections of the past kinda over now, this is how they'll fill that void I guess.

Aloymetal116d ago

Good to see they put a lot of effort in this collection.

Petebloodyonion116d ago

what effort?
allowing the processor, graphics cards and NVME SSD of the PS5 to maximize resolution, frames rate and loading time?
effort into coding 2 lines of code (activate haptic trigger left when: and activate haptic triger right when:) so yourcontroller can act differently?
adding a new audio encoding so Headphone player can have a 3d audio feel?

Aloymetal116d ago

Research first, then troll.
But anyway, here's the attention you ordered.

Petebloodyonion116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

"Research first, then troll"
Well here's a more detailed link to what the Ps5 version of the game offered
So since " I Did actually my researchs"
can you please detailed me where the work you speak went?

Because enabling frame rate and resolution is done by PS5 with just removing the frame limit cap of the ps4 version.
The better loading is done simply using the NVME SSD storage
There's no real work on texture pack because the game was made chekered 4k (1440P) for Ps4 pro.
Enabling haptic trigger is basically the same work as doing it for a steering wheel, flight stick, and other controller that do offer similar features ( I don't recall all that praise when a racing game is released because it's compatible with Trueforce wheel)

So please tell me what's new?
Ray tracing and new exclusives features?
new mode? (oups they actually removed some)
new chapter?

So perhaps instead a acusing ppl of trolling you could actually answer the question and perhaps prove my point false instead of just saying do you reseach.

victorMaje116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I have to admit, I was reticent at first, I never asked for those remasters, I even thought it was a bit soon, but the remastered graphics, 60/120 fps (edit: & 3D Audio) & especially dualsense support at $10 for both sound like it’ll be enjoyable to revisit those gems.

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