Conversation: Dinga Bakaba (Deathloop) on Immersive Sim Philosophy, His Life and Favorite Games

A conversation with Dinga Bakaba, the director of Deathloop on his life, immersive sim, favorite games, and the future of video games. He has won the best game director award at The Game Awards 2021, and currently, he's the studio director at Arkane Studios.

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Hidetaka Miyazaki claims Dark Souls 2 “carried” the series forward

Dark Souls 2 remains a divisive entry in the landmark RPG franchise, but Hidetaka Miyazaki believes it led to the success of Elden Ring.

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NieR: Automata Sequel Has Been Teased By Series Creator

A sequel to Square Enix and Platinum Games' action role-playing game, NieR: Automata, has been teased by series creator Yoko Taro.

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CrimsonWing6921h ago

Is Square’s ethics department gonna insert themselves into this one?

CrimsonWing699h ago

They weren’t around “last time.”

isarai15h ago

Yoko Taro doesn't play that sh!t

Stana11h ago

Let's hope they leave Taro to do his magic.

Dirty_Lemons18h ago

If it can be done right then amazing, yes please. Yoko Taro seems to change it up each time so I'm curious what a 'sequel' really means.

blackblades16h ago

Either way hope he learns and give her more outfits like Stella got.

vTuro2412h ago

On a sidenote assuming this is indeed Nier 3 then I kinda wonder if Yoko Taro will stick to his guns of creating new characters and stories each time, or if he'll continue with 2B & co due to their skyrocketing in popularity. I guess he'll probably do whatever Squeenix pays him to do lol, but I'm hoping for the former. 2B and her gang got a decent enough conclusion (especially for a Yoko game) and I feel like continuing their story would ruin it.

vTuro2411h ago

Actually, now that I think about it, a new Nier game would technically be Nier 4 since the gacha Reincarnation was declared as the sequel to Automata and is therefore Nier 3.

Dirty_Lemons6h ago

Oh man, that game was a slog. Graphics and music were excellent though, and it's nice directly strongly to Automata.


Quarter Disorder Podcast: Episode 6- Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase

Tim and Luis talk about what they’ve been watching and playing along with the news from the past week, including the Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase, the Borderlands movie, four Xbox games going multiplatform, PS5 Pro rumors, Helldivers 2, and more!

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