Activision Blizzard won’t recognize Raven Software QA workers’ union

The union will now file with the National Labor Relations Board for a vote

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locomorales112d ago

As far as I understand unions in US are almost a crime.

melons112d ago

how on earth have you "understood" that?

LucasRuinedChildhood112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

There is truth to what he is saying. Unions were demonised in the US by big money interests and the politicians serving them, and the presence of unions has been crippled compared to other first world countries over the last 50-60 years.

Here's a map showing this declining union membership from 1964-2014:

It's down to just 10.8% of workers being in a union in the US now. Compared to many other first world countries, that's absolutely abysmal.

Approval of unions in the US is rising but a lot of Americans were brainwashed to hate unions, and even have talking points ready as to why they hate them. To an outsider, it's bizarre.

spss11112d ago (Edited 112d ago )


Brainwashed? Or maybe people just have differing opinions and experiences regarding unions?

My opinion - I don't like unions. Sorry, I don't. I think they have too much power and have personally had terrible experiences with them.

I don't need them representing me and taking money from my paycheck. I've been to school, graduated from university, have a great job and healthcare cause I'm good at what I do.

And I especially don't like how people must pay dues in certain professions even if they don't want to be in an union (ex teachers). How is that fair?

Anyways, If you support unions, ok. But just cause someone disagrees that doesn't mean they're "brainwashed".

Besides, I'm sure you have your talking points laid out as well.

Tacoboto112d ago

@spss, how great that you're in a good personal situation. Talk about missing the point completely.

You're commenting to a post about an article that's covering a topic where a group of workers was actively and deceptively exploited by a mega corporation worth $70b. Some moved states to be in a job with promised benefits and raises, doing QA on one of the most profitable software IPs in the world, only to get let go at the same time that corporation reports record financials for the Nth quarter in a row.

That situation with Raven doesn't even factor in the massive pile of completely different legal troubles Activision's also in, that they've continued to be allowed to get away with because they respect their shareholders more than their employees.

spss11112d ago


I was replying to the claim that people are brainwashed to hate unions. I disagree with that statement. "Brainwashed" is used all the time in politics to describe opposing views. It's the "everyone is a sheep but me" mentality and I think it's not helpful.

Tacoboto112d ago

So it's helpful instead to talk about how great you yourself are and how you don't support unions because *you* are so educated and well-off? Ok

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TheRealTedCruz112d ago

As a union rep, myself, we're actually doing the leg work to bring decent wages and benefits to many sectors that have been abusing the average worker for decades now.

The crime is how little union representation there actually is in America. Unions are the only thing keeping big business in check anymore. Politicians sure as hell aren't.

Shikoku112d ago

Exactly brother. 22yrs union strong.

esherwood111d ago

I don’t know seeing how the teachers union is pretty much refusing to work and protecting crappy employees I can see how people hate unions

sourOG112d ago

LOL I wouldn’t either, honestly.

MizHDTV112d ago

I’m in a union for 22 years and it sucks

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MizHDTV112d ago

It’s exactly like Communism
No matter how much more work you do than somebody else you don’t get compensated for it

TheRealTedCruz112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Or look at it this way.
No matter how much more work you do, you don't get compensated for it.

Just now tag capitalism to it.
You're out of your depth and should probably stop talking.

People who value a company over the workers will always baffle me. At least those who aren't buying their third vacation home.

TheRealTedCruz112d ago

Get a different job with better union offers.

Not all unions run the same, and if it's doing nothing for you, what made you stay for over two decades?

esherwood111d ago

What union are you in? My buddy works for Kellogg’s and is union. They went on strike and the next day there was a bunch of illegals doing there job yet unions are pro democrat

Inverno112d ago

That's fine, I don't recognize Activision as anything worth spending money on anyway. Unionize! These corps have had it easy for too many years, and we're the ones getting shafted. Don't let yourself ever get fooled, they don't care about you.

ReelBigMike112d ago

Looooootta corporate bootlickers in this comments section.

sourOG112d ago

Corporate people don’t wear boots they wear suits. Loafer lickers lol?

Would you want to bulk negotiate your wage with the dorks who walked out of activision to wave picket signs around? Hell no lol. When they did that I would go straight to the bosses office and negotiate my raise because I’m NOT with them. Guess who has a better shot? When it comes to making money I’m not on the corporations side and I’m not on my co-workers side, I’m on my side lol. F**k y’all pay me.

SenorFartCushion112d ago

So you’re not on anyone’s side? Not even your own. 😅😅

sourOG112d ago

I am on my side yes lol. I work though. I will work a little harder if my co-workers want to larp in the street. I will be paid accordingly though or I’ll skip. Let’s talk overtime pay. I would absolutely use the shit out of that situation lol. I’m sure some did, 100% chance. It’s why they won’t recognize it.

zekk111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Not to be rude just a question. If you are on your own side would that mean you would throw friends and family under the bus for your own gain or are they part of your side?

sourOG111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I don’t work with family and friends. When it comes to making money, I’m on my side. I would not throw anyone under the bus for my own gain. I would use a situation to my advantage though.

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