Crytek is pleased to confirm a new Crysis game is in development

Avni Yerli:

To everyone in our amazing Crysis community, and to all fans of the franchise all around the world: we have a special announcement to make, just for you.

It’s something you have been asking us for a long time, so it’s now finally time to confirm – yes, the next Crysis game is happening!

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SinisterMister308d ago

Heck yes. Crysis 3 was way ahead of its time. Crysis 4, if the rumors are true, is going to be tip-top.

RaidenBlack308d ago

Crysis 3 still looks soo good!

PrinceOfAnger308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

It was the best looking game in the ps3 generation alongside crysis 2007 and warhead really pushed tech and graphics to a whole new level hope crysis 4 do the same and be Next Gen Only.

RaidenBlack308d ago

Awesome, news!
CryEngine 6, lets go! Path tracing lets go! 🤞

ToddlerBrain308d ago

Ray tracing*. Path Tracing isn’t real-time (yet). Requires too lengthy of a calculation.

RaidenBlack308d ago

I know ... hence the Crossed fingers.
Since they always push the bar for visuals, I deliberately typed Path-tracing instead of RT.

darthv72308d ago

The news is great and all but i guess I'm the only one holding out hope for a Ryse 2.

RaidenBlack308d ago

I doubt Ryse 2 will happen ... but I do want a single-player game based off of the Hunt Showdown world.

PrinceOfAnger308d ago

There are news that Ryse 2 is in development and will be multiplatform ,crytek did say back in 2016 that they will focus on premium IPs

CoNn3rB308d ago

Looks at my PC, "I'm sorry little one"

MadLad308d ago

Glad to see.
They've always kind of struggled as a developer. The Hunt was amazing, but didnt find much of an audience. I was worried it was the end of the studio.

RaidenBlack308d ago

Hunt is still amazing.
And kinda funny that the upcoming CoD MW'22 is rumored to feature a Hunt-like mode as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.