Blu-ray DVD format makes low-key market debut

NEW YORK (Billboard) - The next-generation DVD format war limps on in the coming weeks as Blu-ray -- one of two formats vying to become the high-definition standard -- officially launches its first player and titles.

The launch previously was pegged for May 23 but pushed to late June so studios and hardware companies could better coordinate a kickoff. The first wave of titles will arrive June 20 from Sony Pictures/MGM Home Entertainment, with more following in the coming weeks from Sony and Lionsgate. But two of the three Blu-ray players scheduled to hit stores for the launch have, in the past week, been delayed. Sony pushed its launch from June 30 to August 15 and Pioneer from June 25 to September. A Samsung unit will be the sole player on the market on June 25.

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kingboy5819d ago

only the ps3 can make it get noticed quickly

FeralPhoenix5819d ago

I think that it will be quite awhile before we know which of these two formats will be the clear winner....right now the issues surrounding HDCP are too confusing to the average consumer, in the end the consumer will decide with their wallets, thats why I think there's going to be more than this "secret handshake" thats supposedly happened between the two rival gut tells me there will be a better compromise like what I believe LG?? has already made, which is a dual HD DVD and Blu-ray player, but of course consumers will still be waiting for reasonable prices too. Sony has the most at stake, they will benefit if Blu-ray really takes off, however they will be devastated if it fails, M$ has the option of starting with a HD DVD add on, but if for some reason Blu-ray is the popular format overnight-(unlikely) they can simply switch....its a good position for them.

FeralPhoenix5819d ago

I also forgot to mention that if there isn't a big development or compromise in the near future this may take a few years before HD-DVD or Blu-ray or even dual players become mainstream, if this is the case we will be talking about the XBOX TITANIUM-X,(I made that up) the PS4 (same name, same controller), the Wii-Wii Advance Cube (thats a good one, huh?) and the i-Pod Entertainment System (you never know).

shotty5819d ago

Apple would name it iPlay. I trademarked it apple haha.