Capcom Announces Record Financial Results Again; Resident Evil Village Has Shipped 5.7 Million Units

Capcom announced its financial results for the first nine months of the fiscal year 2021, which ended on December 31, 2021.

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DarXyde122d ago

Umm.... That's not bad per se, but wasn't this launched on 5 platforms? Fortunately, the architecture is quite similar across all of them so they probably saved a ton of money and time.

Still, as a mainline entry in a big franchise on 5 platforms, it's quite surprising.

I don't think cross generation development is going anywhere for Capcom any time soon.

SlothLordPootus122d ago

Looking at performance of RE7, this isn't surprising. Village is actually selling better than RE7. These games seem to have long legs in terms of sales. Although available on last gen consoles, many could certainly be waiting to play until having access to a new console.

Stonilein122d ago

Step on me vampire mommy

GhostofHorizon122d ago

I'd like to see a bit more variety from them, glad to see they are doing well though.

CoNn3rB122d ago

Only recently played Resi 8 and I've gotta say, I loved it. Probably the first game I played in a while where after finishing it I immediately started a new playthrough, can't wait for Resi 9

TheRealTedCruz122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Hoping they ramp up the horror next release.
Capcom is really good at making horror games, then just making it an action title with the next.

I want more 7, less Village.

anast122d ago

7 is brilliant. Village looks more interesting than 4,5 and 6, so I will probably pick it up anyway.

RPGer122d ago

6 was pure pain in every aspect, the only RE game that couldn't help myself to finish it. Althought 5th was a comical installment (Chris Hulk), even with that, itwas way more fun to play than 6.

Neonridr122d ago

for me Village was at its best during the castle and doll makers house. That doll makers house felt like peak RE for me. After that it sort of felt more like RE4 or something.

RPGer122d ago

Doll house, and Vampire was just amazing, if they just developed these two aspects and scrap the rest, it would have been a legendry RE game.

Shinox122d ago

How about no more of 7 and 8 , how about a real survival horror , how about having high standards in gaming ?

anast122d ago

7 used survival aspects close to the original. This is not an opinion. What is "real" survival horror?

TheRealTedCruz122d ago

What about 7 didn't make it survival horror? What about 7 made it not good? I guess I have to ask the expert, being an experience I thoroughly enjoyed wasn't actually good, so my opinion is obviously skewed.

DarXyde122d ago

I think they could do something extravagant at this point in time. Normally, under virtually every circumstance, I'm a performance guy all the way... But I also see a ton of merit to really taking advantage of immersion. I mean really dig in on Ray traced lighting and audio, haptics, and setting the tone with tight corridors, limited means to fight back, and music that really brings that sense of dread.

......Or I can continue to pray for a Siren reboot with Junji Into designing the Shibito that will probably never happen, what with Team Siren being gone.

Technology is so good now. Why aren't we seeing more cracks at horror?

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