How Will Insomniac Handle Violence in Wolverine?

Wolverine is a character capable of dishing out heaps of violence, and Insomniac will have to grapple with how they will choose to depict this.

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Magog113d ago

Given their history I think it will likely be dialed back considerably. It's fine. It's based on a cartoon/comic book anyway which is stylized rather than realistic.

XbladeTeddy113d ago

Wolverine is real the comics are just based on his life.

Sniperwithacause113d ago

1st time I laughed today! Good job sir!

UltraNova113d ago

He is also Chuck Norris (secretly).

Vengeance1138113d ago

That has almost no chance of happening. This will be a no holds barred, limbs severed blood on walls, decapitations etc title.

Magog113d ago

I don't think Insomniac is interested in making a game like that.

Vengeance1138113d ago

@Magog, then you don't understand Insomniac. You think top tier devs like them are going to sit back and go "I wonder what players want out of a AAA Wolverine game? Oh I know massively scaled back violence and a rated E for everyone rating, because when players think of Wolverine, they think of family friendly hugs and super low violence. Oh yes, thats Wolverine for sure, no violence there, he's interested only in hugs n kisses.

DarXyde113d ago

A bit too Ninja Gaiden II-esque, in my view.

I feel like that level of dismemberment would require the game to be a bit over the top and frenetic.

I'm personally expecting something more grounded, yet visceral. I would say if they can communicate with Naughty Dog and get that Last of Us Part II level of violence, that's perfect.

If it's like Ninja Gaiden...I don't know, the gratuitous level of violence just doesn't hit you the same way. There was something about TLOUP2 that was just nuts. Wolverine is kind of doomed to outlive everyone and he's cursed. With a healing factor like that, I think they could really do the character's depiction justice. That said, the idea of limbs just flying everywhere doesn't feel as impactful.

Just my two cents.

EvertonFC113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

I think you'll be disapointed then personally, it'll be a 16 rating for a start . Btw wolverine the film in 2017 had a 13 age rating, you were saying ?

Teflon02113d ago

Magog they literally went on record after the announcement to say they don't intend to hold back with it lol

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Flawlessmic113d ago

I hope they go the unexpected route and go violent, logan movie style!

Im sure even insomniac themselves would probs like to try there hand at something with a more serious tone.

Im more curious about how the game will play as it will naturally be a bit of a brawler game.

Whatever they decide im sure it will be amazing

SenorFartCushion113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Logan was also very critical of capitalism, to the point where you could argue for its anti-capitalist soul. Highly doubt Marvel will be going that route considering how much they scraped the barrel with The Avengers, both in terms of the story and the way the content was delivered.

purple101113d ago

The Reveal trailer was gritty as hell. I'm expecting this to be more adult than spiderman. Who purposely never kills his enemies. He either knocks them out or strings them up.

EvertonFC113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

What about all the destruction in Spiderman (falling buildings, cars exploding etc) ? Don't you think civilians die in Spiderman ? You just don't see it same with superman

Teflon02113d ago

Everton not sure if that's sarcasm or not. But there's always scenes of Spiderman swooping in to save people in those cases. He always does his best to lead trouble away from civilians

Yang_kai113d ago

My hope is that they handle it very violently.
I expect (hope for) a 18+ rating for it

Welshy113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

100% agree. I don't care what anyone says, the Wolverine Origins games was amazing on PS360, seeing Logan dismember and get torn to shreds then watching him rejuvenate wounds in real time was so cool, think how awesome they could make that effect with current tech.

If it's rated for teens and doesn't go for at least God Of War 2018 level gore then I'm going to be super disappointed.

Yang_kai113d ago

Agree I want to see at minimum a shadow of the claws popping through a head or bodies parts flying around in the berserker rage

EvertonFC113d ago

That ain't happening it'll be 16 imo same as Spiderman ?

RaiderNation113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

How will they handle violence in a Wolverine game? Often! Quite often Im hoping!

sourOG113d ago

I want ninja gaiden 2 overkill violence

MIDGETonSTILTS17113d ago

I’d prefer something closer to the movie Logan.

I hope the UI is less cartoony than the PS3/360 game’s UI.

I didn’t love how floaty Spider-Man felt, and I wished they made swinging more difficult by removing their various “aids”. So I hope that Wolverine is also not too floaty…. Like, I do not want to have juggling combos.

I want Wolverine to feel more like GoT than DMC.

Teflon02113d ago

Spiderman is nimble and light on his feet. He's suppose to feel floaty and have juggling combos. That definitely wouldn't be a Spiderman game if not. Also not sure what aids they were suppose to remove. The most they could have did was have say l2 and r2 control swinging webs from each arm but otherwise it would make the game a mess

MIDGETonSTILTS17112d ago

I’m not hating on the game, I just wish I could turn some stuff off.

For example, I know Insomniac has something that prevents you from ruining a swing by scraping the ground. The game will subtly lift you up so you sorta scrape the ground.

Key word “sorta”.

I’m glad they designed the game to maintain the fun and momentum of swinging, but I enjoy a challenge; so I’d personally like to wipeout every time I miscalculate a low-swing. That way, the true toe-scraping moments will feel rewarding, because the risk of wiping out from an error exists.

Fair point on Spider-Man meshing well with juggling mechanics, but I think Wolverine would stand out more if they went another way. I personally think a GoT combat system would be perfect. They really capture ‘mud, blood, and steel’.

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