PS5 Owners Can Now Upload Videos And Screenshots to PS App

Sony has quietly rolled out a new feature that allows you to directly upload PS5 screenshots and video clips directly to the PS App!

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darthv72120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Well this is cool. I have some captures that I'd like to see through my phone.

edit, I just enabled it on my phone but it says "things you created before turning on this setting won't be uploaded". Oh well... time to make some new memories.

GamingManiac120d ago

Just send the screenshots to a friend on your ps and open the messages on your phone app and download them, that's how I've been doing it lol

Christopher120d ago

About time. Having to send it to a private chat group of just yourself was silly.

porkChop120d ago

I'm honestly surprised that wasn't already a thing.

anast120d ago

I'm surprised they didn't cover every single nitpicking thing...

OOMagnumGaming120d ago

PS once again getting features a gen late 🤦🏽‍♂️.

curtain_swoosh120d ago

i dont quite see the importance of that but sure. whatever you say i guess.

Hatchetforce119d ago

Well, the PS5 has 4K recording on the internal drive. No dedicated external required. It has a 'save that' feature that doesn't limit your after the event saves to such a small clip. It also has direct uploading to Youtube and Twitter. It also doesn't take 7 button presses to start a 4K recording on the PS5. The PS5 has a quick editing tool and in addition with Share Factory it also has one of the best video editors I have seen outside of some of the very expensive professional tools. And it is free. PS5 videos when uploaded to Youtube do not take over half a day to process the HD version. Sure it has taken a while to get this feature but they are adding features to an already comprehensive capability.

Aloymetal120d ago

I'll be using this a lot especially with HFW.

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The story is too old to be commented.