Microsoft: Halo Infinite Achieved Over 20 Million Players; Forza Horizon 5 at 18 Million

Microsoft hosted its quarterly financial conference call for investors and analysts and CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood talked about the Xbox business.

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SullysCigar120d ago

Isn't it free to play? The player count sounds great, but how does it compare to the other F2P titles, like Fortnite and the like?

Orchard120d ago

It sounds like they’re referring to the Halo campaign - which is not free to play.

Forza Horizon 5 is definitely not free to play.

But the numbers make sense, if they have 25 mil Game Pass subscribers, you can probably assume most GP subscribers are going to try out the big games like Halo and Forza.

anubusgold120d ago

Forza is free to play as well i didnt pay for any of them on game pass .

Crows90120d ago

I only saw mention of over 20million in other words somewhere between 20-21million players on halo infinite.

They did not distinguish at all between campaign and multiplayer.

Orchard120d ago

@anubisgold Where did you get game pass for free? They currently bill me for it.

@Crows90 I assume they mean campaign. It’s only ~2 million more than Forza which is not free to play and the numbers line up with how many subscribers game pass has.

Christopher120d ago

Hey, Anubus, where are you getting your free game pass subscription?

Lightning77120d ago

I'm not gonna lie I thought MS hid the Halo Infinite numbers because they weren't so great. Which would of been weird considering the hype around the game and the great reviews. It looks like MS was just waiting for its financial quarters.

Glad to see Halo do big numbers player counts and Forza is just on top of it still even after being out for 3 months.

More proof that MS bigger games will be fine in the long haul.

Visceral89120d ago

No way Halo Infinite Campaign sold 20 million, it's counting free 2 play on Xbox and PC, FH 5 is on gamepass too. Neither would sell 10 million that quick at $60 a pop

4Sh0w120d ago (Edited 120d ago )


-Youre joking shiii, thats one of the reasons games go on Gamepass, to quckly gain a high player count, they are not focused on individual per unit sales, Halo MP for instance being f2p can sell those cosmetics to a much, much larger playerbase day one and so on. You guys gotta get out more, theres more to sales these days than the traditional unit sales.

Good to see 2 great games being enjoyed by so many gamers...well deserved high numbers.

anubusgold120d ago

@ Orchard From the xbox live gold cards you can transfer into a year of game pass, let me see i got for free this year MLB the show 70 dollars, Back 4 blood 60 dollars, Halo 60 dollars, Forza 60 dollars , Psychonauts 2 50 dollars, jedi fallen order 60 dollars, Age of empires 4 60 and i paid nothing this year because i transfered my gold account over to gamepass for 1 dollar thats cheaper than 420 dollars. PlayStation cant compete withs its 70 dollar games what a joke.

anubusgold120d ago

@Visceral89 You forget the days when halo would come out and make 600 to 800 million dollars in 3 days.

EvertonFC119d ago

How many hours did they play is the main stat needed

Cockney119d ago

It's my understanding these numbers refer to launch or shortly after, be Interesting to see current numbers

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anubusgold120d ago

Free 2 play and Halo and forza made the top 20 sold list last year with only a month to sell in .

Concertoine120d ago

Why would Halo, on two platforms, be able to compete with Fortnite, on every current console + PC + mobile

SullysCigar119d ago

Well yeah, obviously you would only compare like-for-like platforms.

Christopher120d ago

20m is great numbers for the first two months, IMHO.

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CaptainHenry916120d ago

After using my Microsoft reward points for gamepass it feels like I got Halo-infinite for free 🙌

darthv72120d ago

Even though I installed it from GP, I still bought it because I wanted it on physical with the steelbook. So Im double dipping on this one.

anubusgold119d ago

You did get it for free these salty ponys are mad some of got several years of gamepass for cheap with the left over gold cards you can still find for cheap and transfer them over . I still have a few 12 month gold cards at my local gas station and i will buy 1 for me and one for my nephew so we will have game pass for awhile more.

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Zeref119d ago

How does comparing the player count of fortnite, a 5 year old game to Halo Infinite, a 2 month old game make any sense?

S2Killinit119d ago

If its free to play then the fluff is strong with this article. If they paid to play it, then wouldn't this make gamepass a more expensive way to game? You pay a monthly for gamepass, plus an additional occasional game would come out to more money than you would pay if you only picked what you wanted and paid for it. I mean I guess gamepass would make sense if you are playing a ton of games. Otherwise you are overpaying unless gamepass is and continues to be super cheap.

anubusgold118d ago

Game pass is one dollar or 60 dollars a year if you buy up the left over xbox gold 12 month cards you can still find them at gas stations your local dollar general or family dollar thats where i been getting mine from i had game pass for like 2 years now and never have paid full price for it i also pay for my nephews account the same way. Buy the xbox live 12 month cards are drying up there are only a few on the shelves in my town i would buy them up if i wasnt worried about them going out of date before i use them since xbox changed it policy now you have to let your game pass expire before you get another year transfer if you dont wait it only changes over to 3 months of gamepass now.

S2Killinit118d ago

Thank you for the information.

Babadook7119d ago

"Isn't it free to play?"

Free to gamepass subscribers. So yah. 80% of gamepass subscribers tried Halo Infinite at no extra cost.

Chris12119d ago

But they still then paid?

Babadook7119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Paid for the subscription service. “No extra cost” is what I said.

z2g119d ago

Only multiplayer. The campaign’s not free and is the cost of a regular game. They are referring to the campaign here.

anubusgold116d ago

If you already have game pass its free because alot of people only paid a dollar for it or transferred over their xbox gold time for game pass.

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sparky77120d ago

Must be great for the devs to know so many people played your game.

Both got more players in a couple of months, than most games will ever get an entire generation.

KingKionic 120d ago

Well deserved for both.

Microsoft out here just swaggering around now.

EasilyTheBest120d ago

Wow lots of good news for Microsoft lately.
That's a huge number of players..

Sgt_Slaughter120d ago

Always disliked Microsoft's way of fluffing numbers with buzzwords, especially in this case when it's a free-to-play game that's also on Game Pass

Shiken120d ago

What fluff number? Halo Campaign and Forza 5 are not F2P, and gamepass is a huge part of the market strategy. Doesn't matter how they pay for it, that many people are enjoying the game. What I always dislike is when Sony fans get all upset over any other company doing well, and respond by mindless downplay.

Orchard120d ago

Corporations obviously choose the best numbers to announce as headlines/key beats so they look good to shareholders and potential investors. Why would you lead with your weaker numbers?

This isn’t just a Microsoft thing. Sony, Nintendo and every other corporation does this.

Orchard120d ago

I agree - they aren’t. But these companies also know how to drive/indirectly control which headlines will be written about them.

So they will of course pick the best metric to broadcast.

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ThatsGaming120d ago

This was an investors report it wasn't a massive media sell. They weren't buzz wording anything. Investors don't like buzzwords, they like cold hard facts.

DeusFever119d ago

Does Xbox have Achievement stats like PlayStation trophy stats? Can we see how many downloaded and tried for “free” versus how many played past the first mission?

Shiken116d ago

Yes they do, so lets look at a quick comparison to Uncharted 4 completion and see how well the Halo Campaign did.

Halo Infinite has about 11% of all players who have even fired up the game that completed it. So out of 20 million people (many of which may not have even started the campaign yet and only play multiplayer right now while waiting for co op to be added), we have over 2.2 million players that completed the game based on the final story achievement.

Uncharted 4 has sold roughly 9 million units with a 27% completion rate for people who beat that game on normal difficulty or higher. That equates to about 2.4 million who completed the game. Also bear in mind that Uncharted is a single player game, and unlike Halo, people who log on just for the multiplayer do not affect Uncharted's completion percentage.

So what we have is Halo being out for about a few months having a completion rate in the same ballpark as Uncharted 4 based on recent sales data provided in Dec 2021. Also remember that these stats do not even take in people who played the game on PC, which would probably put it past Uncharted 4 when it comes to completion percentage.

Not bad, I would say Halo Infinite Campaign is a huge success. And based on this comparison, it destroys the narrative that, "people are only trying it because it is on gamepass but put it down" narrative that some people try to spin.

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