Blizzard Just Announced A New Survival Game

Blizzard tweets: "We’re building a survival game in an all-new universe.

Join us in writing our next chapter."

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gangsta_red119d ago

A survival game set in a new universe. Very curious to see what this will be now.

This is a good reason why MS purchased Activision, not just for more content but for new games in development for their system.

ForwardDude119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

I'm curious to know how Microsoft couldn't create new franchises before buying Bethesda and Activision. Which new franchise did Microsoft created after buying Bethesda and Mojang?

alb1899119d ago

Why don't you see the positive in a positive news?

TheRealTedCruz119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

They bought a huge number of developers and are pretty much giving them free reign to do what they want.

New titles will come.
It's not the executives at Microsoft sitting in an office until 3am, dreaming up new ideas for games.
It's the developers.

There's a whole bunch of content coming down the MS pipeline. There's more we're not even aware of.

Traecy119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Agreed. No matter if MS owns Bethesda & Activision they will always be known as 3rd party developers. It would be nice to know what their really first party developers are working on such as Rare,The Coalition,The Initiative,Compulsion & Undead Labs.

darthv72119d ago

Rare is working on Everwild and part of their team is working on Sea of Thieves content.
Coalition is finishing up their last batch of Gears 5 content before moving on to Gears 6 (maybe)
initiative is working on Perfect Dark with the help of Crystal Dynamics
Compulsion I think is working on We Happy Few 2 (that one is pretty quiet)
Undead Labs is working on State of Decay 3.

Im sure more info on each will be revealed as the year rolls on but there you go.

gangsta_red119d ago


The Coalition is also rumored to be working on a new IP as well as Gears 6.
There's also a rumor that a new KI is being developed by Namco
Double Fine is also reported to be making a new IP now that Psychonauts 2 is out

It's funny to me that people think MS themselves has to literally make new franchises and not the developers they have employed under them.

Zhipp119d ago

They couldn't create new franchises because their gaming division was in shambles and they barely had enough first party studios to support the few successful franchises that their entire brand was built on.

Luckily they seem to be wising up now. Their studios will have more room to breathe, so i expect to see more new or reimagined IPs from them in the future.

glennhkboy119d ago

So, what new IP Sony has created after buying Bluepoint? Housemarque? Nixxes?

itsmebryan119d ago

Didn't MS create
Forza motorsport
Forza horizon
Flight simulator
Just to name a few before they bought Bethesda and Activision?

But, who cares they have plenty of studios now to make a lot of games exclusively for game pass day and date . No one with game pass cares where the games come from as long as we get a steady stream of games.

itsmebryan119d ago

Why would anyone care where a game came for as long as it's good and you get to play it. Even better when they are all included with Game pass day and date at no extra charge.

DigitallyAfflicted119d ago

Even if you are a hardcore Sony fan this is still good news, now Sony needs to step up their already “A” game...

Godmars290118d ago

Because failing to make new IPs, relying on the creativity of new acquisitions who then stop making new IPs, is a rather obvious question and concern. Especially since such has happened with studios MS buys.

Obscure_Observer118d ago (Edited 118d ago )


Compulsion is working on an unannounced game called Project Midnight. Also, The Coalition is also rumored to be working on a new IP.


Also notice thaht Zaire Lanier´s profile at Twitter, mentions that she is under a NDA with Compulsion Games.

onisama118d ago

Well they didnt have enough studios.. And even worse... Don mattrick.. It took years of phil to fix what he destroyed and build/buy lot of studios to start working on new IPs

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Crows90119d ago

Interesting take. Except blizzard still doesn't belong to Microsoft and this title just like many others is originally planned for multiple consoles.

CS7119d ago

Delusion is sweet isn’t it?

Crows90119d ago

My delusions or the OP?

If my delusion is what you meant....hmm maybe read the description again. And get informed. The purchase goes through in 2023. Until then activism blizzard is still on its own.

Anomander119d ago

Except they can take make it exclusive game pass and PC once the deal goes through. This game is not that far in development that it's targeted to any console.

gangsta_red119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

"..originally planned for multiple consoles."

From the actual website...

***Blizzard is embarking on our next quest. We are going on a journey to a whole new universe, home to a brand-new survival game for PC and console***

Console...singular, not plural. Unless you have insider information that this was planned and many others were planned for multiple consoles like it.

This game hasn't even begun development unless Blizzard plans on having Super Saiyen crunch time, it's possible to get this out on all consoles before the 2023 deal is sealed.

119d ago
iplay1up2119d ago

The acquisition is next year. This new game being announced, is certainly not releasing until at least late next year. It could very well go to Microsoft. Microsoft didn't spend 70 BILLION to release games outside of their platforms. You can now play Xbox games almost on any device.

Obscure_Observer118d ago

"Except blizzard still doesn't belong to Microsoft and this title just like many others is originally planned for multiple consoles."

Based on Starfield and TESVI, I wouldn´t expect this new game to be released on Playstation.

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Christopher119d ago

Ugh. The worst thing about the buyout. Every news out of Activision will be about the purchase in the comments even if it has nothing to do with it, like a new IP started months ago. Surprised no mention of how much it will be enjoyed day 1 on Game Pass. Can't wait for Sony to change PSNow to be more like Game Pass so I can hear it from both sides

Zhipp119d ago

Psnow is already like gamepass isn't it? Minus the day one games.

Shiken119d ago


The selection is far inferior as well. I have had both, and PSNow doesn't even come close. They are structured similar, but Sony doesn't invest in the amount of quality content MS does when it comes to more modern games on it. Gamepass also doesn't require streaming for any of its games, but PSNow does for PS3 games.

It needs an overhaul and rebranding is what I think he is talking about. I am curious to see just how much they are willing to invest in it. I think it is the right move to lump it in with PS+ as rumors suggest, but we will see.

Zhipp119d ago

So it's not really the type of service, but the quality of the service that's lacking? I just looked at their catalog. They have some of their biggest games from a few years ago, like God of War, Bloodborne and Horizon, but I was surprised to see no Uncharted 4. The selection is pretty decent from a quality and quantity standpoint, but everything is too old. Most of the best games on offer can be bought for $20 or less, so I don't see why anyone would pay $10/month to rent them.

Christopher119d ago

***Psnow is already like gamepass isn't it? ***

If you reread, I said to be more like Game Pass.

itsmebryan119d ago

Game pass has new games day and date and PS now only has old games. That is not the same

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FinalFantasyFanatic119d ago

There's also the possibility that this game was already in development before Microsoft bought Blizzard though, I couldn't imagine what game we'll get out of this though (I don't think Blizzard has made something like this before).

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Kaii119d ago

Can we stop showing projects until their "nearly" complete, 12-18 month window is "ok" but something that's beyond 2+ yrs is -_-

GhostofHorizon119d ago

When an announcement is this early it's to get developers interested, basically a hiring call. Considering Blizzard has been bleeding developers, I'm sure they could use it.

alb1899119d ago

You can choose not to read about it.

darthv72119d ago

Blizzard has 11 job openings for the unannounced survival game. There are five openings for artists, two for designers, and four for engineers.

Anomander119d ago

@Darth With the amount of studios and and people you have to wonder if they will just move some studio to help other studios out that may have some stuff that just finished. Sure it works be great to work on one building, but if Covid taught us anything is that you can work remote as well.

Tedakin119d ago

It's a public job listing.

darthv72119d ago

...and the headline makes it seem more than it is. Gremling forgot to change it when he changed the main link from gamespot to blizzard.

Lightning77119d ago

I agree HARD. Announcing things in concept stages is getting old and very annoying. 12- to 18 months is still annoying because possible delays. I said 6 months to 12 until we start hyping things but that's only after we see gameplay.

darthv72119d ago

okay, to be fair this wasnt a game announcement, it was a job announcement. The initial submission had Gamespot as the source with their headline but it was then changed to the blizzard link which has a different headline and talks about the jobs they are hiring for.

otherwise yeah i hat to hear new game announcements too far in advance. This is hiring for a game they plan to work on so technically it is a game announcement as a result of them calling out for people who might want a job.

Christopher119d ago

That's not how marketing works, sadly.

darthv72119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Maybe you can fix the submission. I reported that it was using the wrong headline. Clearly the one on there now is from the gamespot link while the Blizzard one is more in line with this being a job posting as opposed to new game announcement. It's misleading even though we know that a game will eventually come from this job posting.

Or at least make and update to indicate that this is a job posting. So people dont get confused (like many already are)

Gamer79119d ago

They're not showing a new project, this information was from a job advertisement.

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Magog119d ago

Does Blizzard know how to make games anymore? I thought they just made "skins" now.

ThatsGaming119d ago

I thought you would eventually stop posting but here we are with you still not adding any value to this site.

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