Five Minute Clip Reveals More of Life Is Strange Remastered Collection

Life Is Strange Remastered Collection has now been given a full five minute trailer that will really whet the appetite!

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dumahim308d ago

I like the added clarify and better mouth animations, but I kind of hate the stylistic change made to the faces. Chloe's eyes just look wrong. They seem too large and glammed up.

Watching just remaster footage without the side by side, it seems mostly fine, but it still just bugs me that they improved the mouth synch but kind of ruined the rest of the facial look.

I think others have make some good parts about other stuff shown as well, like the bathroom scene is too bright. In the original it was dim and lifeless, but then you see the butterfly as a blast of color. Now the bathroom is brighter and the bucket the butterfly lands on is brighter and more detailed taking away from the contrast of the bright butterfly.