Babylon’s Fall by PlatinumGames Gets New PS5 Gameplay Showing Bosses & More; Seasonal Flow Explained

Today Square Enix hosted a new livestream dedicated to PlatinumGames' upcoming online game Babylon's Fall.

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Vithar111d ago

those weapon shades on your back is such an eye sore to me

ProLogY111d ago

Agreed. There’s a lot of discourse around this game, but for me it begins and ends with these ugly transparent weapons behind every player. Really dislike this design choice

phoenixwing111d ago

Seems like all you do is fight sponges with enemy ai about as smart as a potato

phoenixwing111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

No it's worse ai because they have to account for a group of players and bigger sponges. It would have been better as a single player

IanTH111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

If I didn't know any better, I'd assume this was an MMO from like 2016. The gameplay doesn't look terribly compelling, and the graphics definitely look dated; the compression doesn't help, but it sometimes looks like a PS3/4 crossgen title or something.

I applaud them for being open & showing the game off as much as they have been. It's a good sign to not shield your project as much as possible before release. But I'll certainly be curious to hear what people say once they go hands on with it, because it isn't showing well in my opinion.

Z501111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I remember when people made similar comments about NieR in 2010 🤔

Now they love Replicant, which is the same game just better looking.

Gameplay/Story > Graphics

TheLigX110d ago

I dunno... this one does not look like a Nier situation.

Z501110d ago

Please enlighten me. What was NieR's 2010 situation??? Which would be the equivalent of today regarding BF, since we can't predict the future.

All I wrote was "similar comments in 2010"

TheLigX109d ago

Why are you getting defensive? It just looks like this game is going to be a hot pile of dog doo. Nier did not.

TheLigX110d ago

This looks so disappointing. What has happened to Platinum Games?