Electronic Arts & Lucasfilm Games announce new Star Wars titles from Respawn Entertainment

Upcoming Titles Include the Next Game in the Star Wars Jedi Franchise, a new Star Wars FPS from Peter Hirschmann and a Strategy Game via a Publishing Collaboration Between Respawn and Bit Reactor.

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RaidenBlack113d ago

A Third Person, First Person & RTS Star Wars Game? All via Respawn?

Garethvk113d ago

I am up for Call of Star Wars or Starwars Fall.

Mr Pumblechook113d ago

I can't wait until Microsoft gobble up EA then they can force Vince Zampella and the Respawn team back into doing what they do best - churning out more Call of Duty games.

SlothLordPootus113d ago

@MrPumblechook Nah EA needs him to reboot MoH lol

RaidenBlack113d ago

And so many upcoming Star Wars projects!
Beyond the Lego Skywalker Saga ... we have the KOTOR remake, Star Wars Eclipse, Ubisoft Massive's Star Wars game and now these three. As well as the long rumor of a Mandalorian game (Respawn's FPS?).

CaptainHenry916113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

I'm looking forward to this even though EA is the publisher

CorndogBurglar112d ago

Fallen Order and Squadrons were both fantastic games with no paid content. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney put their foot down on EA after the Battlefront 2 fiasco.

-Foxtrot113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

While I'm glad since Fallen Order was decent, having Respawn being like a Star Wars only video game studio is a little sad considering how talented they are, It should have been one team does Star Wars, the other does a new IP.

I just don't understand how EA were allowed to continue doing Star Wars games

LucasRuinedChildhood113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

The thing is, EA no longer have exclusive access to Star Wars (Ubisoft and Quantic Dream are making Star Wars games), and Respawn did a good job, so why not let them make more games, you know?

darthv72113d ago

If they can make them on the level of quality like fallen order... I'll give them a chance.

just_looken113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Has everyone forgot this team last good game was pre ea purchase? during ea they have made apex and they are 1 team.

1 team without its ateam that is on battlefield 2042 making 2 games there will be crunch and bad desighn choices.

Jedi fallen order was on unreal because respawn was purchased after the initial design/scope of the game was done. Ea just gave respwan the starwars license nothing else

now these games will have micro-transactions and no doubt nft's mark my word.

Outlawzz112d ago

Don't be such a downer lol
you haven't seen anything yet

just_looken111d ago


just look around ea's camp or just yesterday when another dice vet left we have seen enough already

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Outlawzz113d ago

Man I hate EA... but respawn...them I do like lol

sourOG113d ago

A turn based strategy game like xcom I could get excited about.

sourOG113d ago

Like a startcraft type of deal with large scale battles? I wouldn’t be into that. To be honest I’m not into Star Wars much at all but I would buy a turn based game.

Relientk77113d ago

Respawn Entertainment is basically a Star Wars studio now and I ain't mad about it.

Flawlessmic113d ago

A fps star wars game?

Yeaaa nahhhh.

Just give me the sequal to fallen order and im happy

Magog113d ago

And Dark Forces for those with a long enough memory.

Flawlessmic113d ago

Even so, for me star wars has always been about jedis and lightsabres, , its what sets it apart from any other space faring sci fi.

If I want to play a sci fi shooter there is plenty of those i can play, just dont think it should be star wars.

Ideal stars wars is either games like kotor or fallen order, rogue squadron or the ps2 space fighter game which i forget whats its called but i loved that also.

Hofstaderman113d ago

@Magog Dark Forces was excellent for its time. Let's see....I think we talking about 1996 or so? I remember the Virtual Boy was also a thing back then lol

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