Game of the Year 2021

Twinfinite: “Twinfinite reveals its six best games of 2021 and ultimately its Game of the Year for 2021. Let's dive into our six GOTY 2021 candidates.”

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My_Name_is_Earl112d ago

I just started playing it in earnest today. So far it's a lot of fun and funnier than I thought it would be which isn't something I thought I'd be saying about Halo!

Viljong112d ago

Halo infinite
Forza horizon 5
Ratchet and clank RA
Ghost of thushima ps5 edition with dlc

Returnal is honorable mention but not quite goty.

ABizzel1112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

"It Takes Two" is going to be the overall winner for 2021
1. It Takes Two
2. Resident Evil Village
3. Forza Horizon 5
4. Deathloop
5. Metorid Dread
6. Halo Infinite (the launch month guaranteed it had no chance, as it's a 2021 / 2022 split)
7. Returnal
8. Ratchet and Clank
9. Psychonaughts
10. Guardian's of the Galaxy

Tacoboto112d ago

What a damn good year '21 was. I've played 9 of those 10, own 8, beat 5, and am currently playing 2. I'll get to the final one soon.

If Guardians finishes as good as it seems to be going (Chapter 10 currently) I think it might actually top my list. It looks incredible in its RT mode on console, the gameplay/combat is solid, and the voice acting is so well-performed and integrated into the team dynamic.

YodaCracker112d ago

I can’t believe Forza Horozon 5 won so many GOTY awards. Don’t get me wrong, it completely deserves them. But that is unprecedented for a racing game.

TheRealTedCruz112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Halo Infinite
Psyconauts 2
It Takes Two
Horizon 5
Guardians of the Galaxy

RaidenBlack112d ago

Never thought I'd see Chernobylite in some one's top 2021 list.

TheRealTedCruz112d ago

I really enjoyed it. I backed it a good while ago, played with it a bit, but waited until the full release to really delve in.
It's not perfect, but they put a lot of effort into the project, and it's legitimately one of my favorite games of last year.

It doesn't hurt that I'm friends with a number of the staff. I was invited to their studio years ago, when they were developing Deadfall. They're all great guys, and almost all of the key talent has stuck around since the beginning. This is definitely their most inspired project, and they did really well with it.

RickRoland112d ago

It Takes Two is hands down GOTY. What a blast that was.

VersusDMC112d ago

I'll throw out mine.

Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart
Tales of Arise
Metroid dread
Nier Replicant

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