Emma is Unity's Lifelike 'Virtual Human' Who Can Potentially Mean Big Things For Games

IGN : The technology that goes into bringing video game characters to life may be getting a lot better thanks to a unique Ziva RT tool, which is being used to create "virtual humans" like Emma — a lifelike 3D character that can run in real-time in a game engine.
Ziva Dynamics, which was acquired by Unity earlier today, is developing the Ziva RT tool in the hopes of streamlining the process of realistic digital character creation for artists of all skill levels. The project is being spearheaded by Unity Director of Global Graphics Natalya Tatarchuk, who showed IGN a demonstration of Emma.

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Magog119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

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Bobo metahumans. Unreal 5 is going to eat their lunch.

RaidenBlack119d ago

IGN : "Right now, Ziva RT is working for faces, but it will expand to bodies and creatures in the future. That said, it isn’t limited to human faces. It can be set up for realistic or stylized faces, like aliens and monsters — a limitation of Unreal’s similar MetaHuman tool."

Plus, Unity Is Buying Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital, the VFX Studio Behind Lord of the Rings.
"So hair tech like Weta’s Barbershop can work together with Ziva RT for realistic characters."

Sephiroushin118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Doesnt look like a Neanderthal at all...
No every human looks the same, has the same lenght of teeth, mouth, cheeks, arms, hands, legs... geez even somebody with brain problems know this...

ANIALATOR136118d ago

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BrainSyphoned118d ago

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CobraKai117d ago

How did my comment become inappropriate but yours is perfectly ok. Oh N4G.

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