Horizon Forbidden West: The First Preview - IGN

After four hours of Horizon Forbidden West hands-on, Aloy's new adventure is clearly going to offer a lot more depth, freedom, and fun than its already great predecessor.

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zsquaresoff114d ago

Less than a month away now, hope they do a full 15-20 minutes State of Play for this game like they did with Ghost of Tsushima and others.

sammarshall102113d ago

I'd watch it but I'm already sold. It seems like this game will be very special

EvertonFC113d ago

Same, not even watched the recent story trailer NO need 😀

The_Hooligan113d ago

Got my regalla edition pre-ordered back in September. Can't wait.

Storm23113d ago

Yeah, same. I watched the original trailer and that was it. I am so excited to go in almost blind on this one. That's what I do with all of my most anticipated releases. Can't wait!

peppeaccardo113d ago

Day one adopter here too.

IGN - Too many mechanical parts 7/10 .... :P JK

SullysCigar113d ago

Lol don't give them ideas!

I don't need IGN to tell me if I should but this game. I think they'll back it, though, realising resistance would be futile.

Everything's seeming very promising and they're awesome developers, so I'm already in.

esherwood113d ago

I hear enough of what they think about stuff that has nothing to do with video games to know I don’t value their opinions

GamingSinceForever113d ago

They already did one last year so I doubt we will get another one.

EvertonFC113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

They are 1st Thursday of February

FlavorLav01113d ago

Didn’t it already get a State of Play though? They should use an event to focus on Sifu or another or GT7 which are both right around the corner as well. If you’re not sold of Horizon2 yet, blame your own eyeballs because they can no longer recognize quality.

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Flawlessmic114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Looks amazing!!!

The arena looks sickkk, can see ill be spending a while in it to fight machines!!

Only a couple more weeks to go until were playing what is sure to be a game of the year contender, and if im honest my pick to win game of the year even ahead of god of war and the unknown that is starfield.

sammarshall102113d ago

I can't wait to dive underwater. I think the side quests will be much improved too

Flawlessmic113d ago

Man the under water parts look crazy good, i remember when i saw it in the very first trailer i was like no way it looks like this in the game.

Then state of play comes and bamm it looks like that!

Crows90113d ago

If thats the direction sony studios take with their open worlds then they will soon dominate that space as well.

LoveSpuds113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Yeah, I know many don't like underwater elements in games, I guess because they have been poorly implemented in the past.

But I think developers have got a much stronger grip on things like the controls in underwater sections of games these days. One of my personal faves was the brief but really cool diving scene in Uncharted 4, but I think even Ubi did a good job in the last few Assassin's Creed games.

The thing I like about underwater exploration is that it seems so much more mysterious and dangerous; these are areas mostly unseen and untouched by others, its just cool to me.

gijsbrecht114d ago

Wow, both the visuals and gameplay look simply stunning!

rpvenom113d ago

Agreed. These games are what reminds me there are still amazing studios out there with real passion.. it's so easy for companies this day and age to succumb to greed and money hungry practices.. chasing GAAS models or microtransactions for little to no content or upgrades.. but studio's like this.. truly want to produce top tier cutting edge experiences and I'm just grateful as a gamer. Take my money!

Magog114d ago

Improving on the best action game ever made and making the most beautiful and impressive looking game ever made. Guerilla are the only devs giving Naughty Dog a run for their money.

Flawlessmic113d ago

I think its fair to say guerilla is atleast on the same level with naughty dog and insomniac.

Magog113d ago

Anywhere in the world. Insomniac are great but I would place them slightly below ND and Guerilla with Santa Monica. Non-playstation devs need not apply. Their teams are in a league of their own.

S2Killinit113d ago

I think ND are unsurpassed imo

CaptainHenry916113d ago (Edited 113d ago )


So ND is Unsurpassed based on one game?

Flawlessmic113d ago (Edited 113d ago )


Ur saying one game made naughty dog good?

They have literally been killing it, since crash bandicoot, then jak and daxter than uncharted and the last of us.

Unless u took what he said as guerilla had surpassed them based off one game being horizon

CaptainHenry916113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

"Unless u took what he said as guerilla had surpassed them based off one game being horizon"

Yup. Naughty Dog hasn't showed me anything yet since Uncharted and the last of us part one. I got Guerilla games and Insomiac ahead of them at the moment

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Elden2021113d ago

I agree with you Magog but remember we haven't seen what ND are working on yet for PS5, that run might get a bit more difficult. Sony does have the best developers in the world for sure.

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ChubbyBlade113d ago

Best action game ever made? The games great but it’s not even close to that title.

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InUrFoxHole113d ago

This game looks great. I gotta force myself through the 1st story before I pick it up. A lot of good games this year.

neutralgamer1992113d ago

I tried to play HZD few times and the game just didn't click with me. Multiple times I started and put the game down and played something else. Than one day I really gave it a fair shot and plays 4-5 hours after which I was hooked. It starts slow but it sets up nicely. It's one of my favorite games

SullysCigar113d ago

My experience to a tee. This also happened with Red Dead Redemption for me - wanted to like it, didn't for a good few hours, persevered and ended up loving it.

x_xavier_x113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

I started to play HZD twice but gave up after a few hours. I kept thinking "I know that this game is universally praised, so what am I missing here?". Maybe I'll give it another shot. I'm honestly not looking forward to picking it up again. The visuals are fantastic, but the story and gameplay didn't engage me. To each there own, I guess.

Crows90113d ago

The opposite of my experience. As is the case with me and open worlds save for Elder Scrolls Morrowind and the Witcher 3(barely), Im hooked in the beginning and lose interest overtime due to repetition and boring side content.

InUrFoxHole112d ago

I'm gonna do that this weekend. My gripe, and this is going to sound silly 🤪 was the character model when you start the game as a kid seemed unlike like to me. The kid looked weird to me lol. I'm like that. I was gonna give cyberpunk a shot but at the beginning you're in the garage with the mechanic. The shadow would pop in and out underneath the car depending how far you stand. That was a turn off for me. I hear HZD is good so I'm gonna give it a shot. Plus I own it so I might as well get my $ worth lol

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