Cyberpunk 2077 Night City 8K is arguably the best Looking Open-World City hands-down

Cg writes: Excuse the less than favourable frame rate, but we had to do this. In the video we showcase how lovely Cyberpunk 2077 Night City is when riding the Metro Car in Ultra settings and in 8K resolution with ray tracing enabled. This pushes the RTX 3090 over the limit for actual playing (especially as we are recording 8K at the same time with a 150K bitrate), but still acts as a nice showcase for the visuals. We will probably need the RTX 4090 to run this at a smoother frame rate, or lower some of the settings as you can see in our other 8K video with ray tracing disabled (see video 2). We are using AUTO DLSS though, but it looks fantastically sharp. This is a wonderful, relaxing metro journey (thanks to the metro mod) aside from the creaking audio making it sound like a current-day clapped out metro cart. We strongly believe that Cyberpunk 2077 Night City is arguably the best looking open-world city hands-down when viewed like this.

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bunt-custardly120d ago

Choppy as hell but pause/play from 1:50 and it does look wicked. I know they never wanted to make GTA Cyberpunk, but I hope they add more side-content because it is beautiful.

Magog120d ago

Character animations are trash. Watch Dogs Legion looks way better than this and the world and AI simulation are literally 10,000 times better. Every NPC has a real lifestyle, destination schedule, vendettas, friendships, etc.

bunt-custardly120d ago

Usually don't agree with anything you have to say other than this. Bravo Magog.

Magog120d ago

I'm full of wisdom. 😒

bunt-custardly120d ago

To clarify "the world and AI simulation are literally 10,000 times better. " Agreed.

SenorFartCushion120d ago

All except for the main characters within the story. It had the stupid odyssey method of “npc/ protagonists with weird wire mesh faces”

Magog120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Where were you playing it? Looked good on PS5 at 60fps to me.

SenorFartCushion120d ago

Series X at 30 with Ray Tracing on. I’m playing Breakpoint at 1080p 60 on my ps5 though, and the issues are persisting. It’s too early to be able to make NPCs animate properly. Even special guests like Sam Fisher look terrible in terms of how they animate. They should just make cutscenes and actually create characters we have to follow. I hate no having characters to invest in.

anast120d ago

You keep mentioning Watch Dogs Legions. I might have to try it out.

Magog120d ago

It's terrific. The more you experiment the more fun you will have. The 60fps mode for PS5 is transformative.

zahdab120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

When the word "Literally"becomes the word figuratively in disguise...

Magog120d ago

I'm not being figurative. The AI in Cyberpunk is worse than a PS1 game. The AI in Legion is the best I've ever seen for a fully simulated world.

zahdab120d ago

like you measured and it was exactly 10,000 times better? by what scale and which criteria ? like there's literally no way that what you said is anything but figurative.

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EvertonFC120d ago

Shame its empty and looks like a forgotten Chinese built city

camel_toad120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Lol at your very timely reference to forgotten Chinese built cities. 2 knocks with one comment.

Shuckylad120d ago

A bit like our football club.

darkrider120d ago

Stop. One of biggest flop of gaming history... Hype beyond belief... But the reality...

--Onilink--120d ago

The reality is that it was in Steam’s Top 10 Best Seller list for 2021… regardless of all the console issues and that even on PC it was buggy (still can be to some degree), the PC version was still very successful and it remains a visual showpiece if you have to proper hardware, which is the point of this article

IanTH120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I'm not sure using the sales metrics are a good measuring stick for this one. It made back all its development & advertising budget in pre-orders alone. This game was sold almost entirely on the back of hype, when everyone trusted CDPR with the Night City Wire videos they were showing off, & before they (or reviewers) actually got their hands on it. I believe Steam uses total sales for its Best Sellers list, so given its gargantuan number of preorders, wouldn't that mean it'd stay near the top even if sales completely dropped off a cliff after launch?

That said, I'm still interested in trying it out. I've got a PC well suited to play it, and I just got my hands on a PS5, so I'm looking for a deal to finally give this game a shot. Hopefully it'll be one of those times where gutter-low expectations & a cheap buy-in make for a decent experience in the end. Also hopeful they can keep adding to the game once, ya know, they finally get it to a good enough foundation to build up from. Kinda crazy it feels like even they don't think they're there yet.

CorndogBurglar120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Still waiting on the PS5 update.

I still have my PS4 disc. I played it a few times but it was unbearable and full of ridiculous glitches. Haven't touched it again since. I really want to play a good version of this game, but I'm afraid even the PS5 update won't fix everything.

Elda120d ago

The same for me. I'm not touching my free copy until the PS5 update.

Ethereal120d ago

Same. I had so much hope for this game and after everything I'm also waiting to see how the native PS5 version turns out. Fingers crossed they take the time to address the core issues and it turns out to be good. Such a cool world and I'm a sucker for hard sci-fi. Time will tell.

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