Will Pokémon Legends: Arceus be the Highest Rated Pokémon Game Ever?

Dual Pixels: "The Pokémon Company has been an absolute juggernaut for the past two decades. Growing up around the 90s..."

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JokerBoy129118d ago

I hope not. I wouldn't want games that look like they released on the PS2 to set the standard for future titles in the industry.

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DefaultComment118d ago

Pathetic way of thinking. You aren't a gamer just some pseudo tech wannabe.

septemberindecember118d ago

You should definitely go back and play some PS2 games. Even if this game doesn't look great graphically, saying it's PS2 level just shows you haven't played those games in a while.

Metabeard118d ago

I just want a pokemon with a JRPG story on a level where its actually interesting. If this game can pull that off I might care, otherwise its just another fill a book with monster names game. I don't care about the graphics and it looks like the gameplay is interesting but I still am waiting for them to hire writers and make me care about the world or characters.

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Kosic118d ago

It has a story but so far 10 or so hours in the story is very odd.

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Kosic118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I've played a good few hours on the title. You can tell it wasn't made by the same team who brought us the other titles. It feels much like a hub game, where you start in a village and go out, tick of challenges while following a very odd storyline.
You could easily remove the pokemon aspect of this game and get a generic Asian manga game instead.
The pokemon aspects work great, don't get me wrong, the open world deciding to battle pokemon is cool and being able to run around your battles are cool. But filling up the Pokedex and some of the side missions feel like a chore at times, many side missions are repeat missions with a different pokemon to find.

It is an interesting concept that could be worked on in future titles, for now it's somewhat holding my interesting. It was a very slow start to this game, a lot of talking and not playing the game.

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