Atari’s "Breakout: Recharged" is coming to PC and consoles on February 10th, 2022

"It’s time to take on all of the retro goodness of Atari, one neon-colored brick at a time. Today, the iconic publisher announced a February 10, 2022, launch date for "Breakout: Recharged", a reimagined revival of the arcade classic." - Atari.

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darthv72121d ago

With the powerups, it seems more like arkanoid than breakout. Either way, I dig brick breaking games.

TGG_overlord121d ago

True, I'm still excited for this game release nevertheless though ;) Same here, and I've been like that since I tried out "Arkanoid" for the very first time in the early 90s.

AizenSosuke121d ago

Arkanoid would be amazing in my opinion. But I would like new Atari IP.

gangsta_red121d ago

Is this coming to the Atari Jaguar?

TheColbertinator121d ago

No way in hell anybody is going to pick up that fugly controller anymore.

TheColbertinator121d ago

Breakout was a classic. Good to see it return.