Nintendo Switch Outsells PS1 Worldwide

The Nintendo Switch has outsold the lifetime sales of the PlayStation (aka the PS1 or PSX), according to VGChartz estimates.

The Switch sold 341,662 units for the week ending January 15, 2021 to bring its lifetime sales to 102.81 million units. This compares to the PlayStation with sales of 102.5 million units lifetime.

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Orchard119d ago

Crazy. The Switch just keeps knocking down records. Congratulations to Nintendo & all of their staff.

frostypants118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

This wasn't a record. Just saying.

septemberindecember119d ago

Next up, Gameboy and PS4! Those will likely be knocked down by the end of the year. Switch only needs 15M in sales to pass PS4 and 16M to pass the Gameboy. Seeing as the Switch sold just shy of 25M in 2021 as estimated (and likely shipped a bit over that), then this is all but guaranteed. Switch could be down by over 30% YoY and still pass them with a million to spare.

blackblades119d ago

Amazing how a weak console destroys the most powerful consoles

ThatsGaming119d ago

The power of a console does not sell it.

Games sell consoles. And Nintendo has some of the best IPs in gaming.

septemberindecember119d ago

Honestly, seldom has it ever been the most powerful console that "won" the generation. The NES was weaker than the Master System, the PS1 was weaker than the N64, the Gameboy was weaker than the Gamegear, the PS2 was weaker than both the Cube and the Xbox, the Wii was weaker than the PS3 and 360, the DS was weaker than the PSP, and the 3DS was weaker than the Vita.

The only times where a more powerful console has "won" the generation was with the SNES and PS4, and even then the SNES can be argued due to some limitations and the presence of the Neo Geo. Point is, graphics aren't what makes a console sell.

JEECE119d ago


Something has to be appealing about the console too though. Keep in mind that Nintendo owned those IP in the Wii U era, but it sold under 15 million. No one likes to talk about it, but honestly several of Nintendo's other home consoles haven't sold that well either. GameCube is estimated under 25 million, and N64 is estimated under 35 million (and those were during the PS2 and PS1 eras, respectively, so it's not like people weren't buying consoles in large numbers then).

MrBaskerville118d ago

My theory is that a lot of ps4 owners buys a switch on the side. It's the best choice for indies, unless you want a pc.

Neonridr118d ago

portability and ease of use trumps photo realistic graphics.

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JEECE119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

It's certainly already passed true Gameboy sales. People inexplicably combine Gameboy and Gameboy Color sales. Which I know to people too young to remember those systems it sounds like Gameboy Color was just a slight upgrade like Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, but it actually had its own games you couldn't play on the original Gameboy. And not just a few like that nonsensical "New 3DS." A substantial number of games.

And people always justify it because Gameboy Color could play all Gameboy games, but by that standard you could combine PS2 and PS1 sales.

carrotcakeag118d ago

Actually it was a much smaller upgrade than a One to One X. All of those black cartridge color games were still compatible with the original 1989 Gameboy. OG to Pocket to Color was a really long 8-bit generation. There was a much smaller selection of clear plastic cartridges which only worked on the Color because it had a bit more memory that some devs wanted to use, but most of the Color library could play on older systems. Mostly just a branding difference so people could tell by the boxes which games use the full color palette.

Agent75118d ago

But the Switch is two consoles in one. But there was the Super Game Boy for the SNES. Still, l don’t see how there’s a connection between the Game Boy and Switch. Only the fact that they’re both Nintendo consoles and have their respective sales figures being different types of consoles.

Agent75118d ago

Or asking why handheld console sales are being compared to home console sales? Nintendo have gone from having two consoles to one console, ditching a pure handheld console. I like the Switch, only play it docked, so as a handheld it’s dead. It’s not a new concept either. The SEGA Nomad and PSP could be played on a TV all those years ago.

darthv72119d ago

The only way i can see Switch passing up PS4 and GB is if they cut the price. Granted they have the cheaper lite but even that is still pricey in comparison. The PS1 eventually did hit the $99 price point before its eventual discontinuation but Im not expecting Nintendo to go that low, not for a while anyways.

septemberindecember119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Guaranteed Switch will beat out PS4 and GB, even if they don't cut the price. It's only 16M away from the GB. Switch would have to be over 60% down YoY (<10M sales) this year and then over 60% YoY the next year (<6M sales) then discontinued for it to not hit that. That's a cliff that is even more dramatic than the Wii.

darthv72119d ago

Oh Im sure they can do it regardless. Im just thinking of all the platforms that reached such high levels and the price points they were at when they did. Even the PS2 hit that $99 price at one point.

119d ago
darthv72119d ago

I stand corrected. I do see Switch passing PS4 and GB as it is, especially with a new LoZ coming out at some point. I should have said to get into the 150m club, they would need to cut the price at some point. They would likely do that just prior to the announcement of a Switch 2/Pro but that could still be some time off.

DefaultComment119d ago

the Switch can surpass those numbers with droping big games this year and next, like pokemon Arceus, BOTW2, Bayo3 and youll see those numbers rise.

Sirk7x118d ago

Potential of both Metroid Prime 4 and BotW2 both coming out this year, and a new Pokemon game in a few days. Monster Hunter Rise expansion as well. These games will all sell hardware without a price drop. BotW2, whenever it releases, is going to be a HUGE seller. Will most likely outsell the original and Nintendo knows this. Expect a crazy marketing campaign and a limited edition console which will sell out in about 30 seconds.

Sgt_Slaughter118d ago

It's going to pass them without a single price cut. Why would they cut the price? It's still selling fantastically.

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stonecold3119d ago

ps4 might be 125 million by now

DefaultComment119d ago

perhaps but you need for official numbers.

andy85119d ago

It's crazy how Nintendo do it. It's still nearly the original RRP, it's an underpowered console compares to competitors (never been Nintendos thing since Gamecube I guess), the games don't drop in price, the online service is awful but the console is incredibly popular. If it'd had a significant price drop it'd probably passed the PS2 by now. They must make a fortune

MrNinosan119d ago

Yeah, and the difference between handheld (hybrid) is that familys normally buy more than 1. We have 3 Switch in the household, only one being used thou. I guess that's the case in more households with kids.

darthv72119d ago

Any household where there are kids the chances of each having their own gaming device goes up. Each of my kids has their own xb1 and ps4 along with switch. It isnt limited to just portable devices. Its practically anything now. My brother and I shared our 2600 but after that I bought my own NES and Genesis...etc. when my kids were small, sure they would share a playstation or gamecube. But as they got older, they wanted their own things.

And i guess it muddies the water that I am such a console variant collector. I know that no one person needs to have all these things... but I have them. https://consolevariations.c...

mkis007118d ago

I think releasing 3 different versions of the console other than just a slimdown helped out a lot. First we had the new one with a longer battery, then we had the lite, and lastly we had the OLED. In my handheld days I might have traded in for 2 out of those 3. One person 3 units sold. If they had made a Switch pro I would have upgraded myself.

Neonridr118d ago

every console has had multiple variants. I owned a standard PS4 then a PS4 Pro then a 500 million Limited Edition Pro. Just like I owned an OG Switch and now an OLED.

mkis007118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Yes but not 3 models with extra features... imagine sony releasing a pro 2 and 3 or a digital only ps4 just before ps5.

Slimdowns are not nearly as enticing as unit upgrades. I'd bet more people upgraded to ps4 pro than to slim from the standard ps4.

darthv72118d ago

" I'd bet more people upgraded to ps4 pro than to slim from the standard ps4."

You would be wrong. Sony knows the breakdown but realistically speaking the slim outsold both the original and the pro. The pro maybe garnered 30% maybe 35% of total unit sales with the slim did the rest. The original had been discontinued by the release of the slim.

118d ago
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