Gamers Rejoice! RTX 3050's are Reportedly Awful at Crypto Mining

Nvidia's RTX 3050 card is for gamers! Recent reports show that it's beyond inefficient at mining crypto.

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babadivad120d ago

That's because it's a shit card...

Minimoth120d ago

Hey, at least this one might be available in stores.

Furesis120d ago

ok, what's the point if it's not good? i'm not going to buy shit if it's the only thing available like wtf

PeaSFor119d ago

Meanwhile, my 7 1080ti mining rig is running 24/7, with great results for the last 5 years, at some point i almost got myself an new 10 000$ asic miner but ended up getting two used antminers l3+ for a decent price.

Father__Merrin120d ago

The 3050 is at least better than the 6050xt

Vits120d ago

If it manages to be sold at MSRP. It's actually going to be one of the most solid cards out there.

The issue is managing that, though....

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ABizzel1119d ago

It's not a bad card technologically speaking. It's a 1660 super / 1660 ti with DLSS and Raytracing support. The issue is the price in this ridiculous market. Any other generation this would be a $170 or less GPU and it would be an incredible value and the jump in the budget market to finally make a large leap up from the GTX 1060 / RX 570 / RX 580 group, especially with DLSS making near GTX 1080 performance.

But the market is complete trash right now, and the 1660 ti came out 3 years ago at $280 and the 1660 super about 6 months after at $230....And 3 years later that level of native performance is being sold at the same price.... That's the issue.

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jeromeface120d ago

and awful at everything else!

lonewolf10120d ago

Well crypto prices are tumbling, will hopefully mean more units of all models will get into gamers hands.

Fonsecap120d ago

...however, reportedly, are also bad for gaming...