Xbox Series X|S Sales Top 12 Million - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Jan 9-15

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 341,662 units sold for the week ending January 15, 2022, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 102.81 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 198,987 units to bring its lifetime sales to 18.27 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 134,800 units to bring their lifetime sales to 12.11 million units.

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darthv72114d ago

Switch has now officially moved into 5th place and is just 14m behind the PS4 in the 100m club. Switch outselling PS1 in less than 5 years. And Series is ahead of the XBO by 5 months and 1.55m units.

S2Killinit114d ago

To be fair, switch is the only handheld in the market. Also you are comparing a console that is from decades ago when the market was not nearly as large as it is today. It would be more fair to compare the Switch to more contemporary players like the PS4 and Xbox One.

I personally dont even compare the Switch to other consoles. Its fun to compare, but not meaningful imo.

DeusFever114d ago

Indeed. If you look at portable gaming, phones are #1 and tablets are #2. If you are going to look at home console marketshare, you have to split the difference for the Switch, especially since the Switch Lite can’t be docked.

darkrider114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Dude, comparing the switch to the ps1 doesn't make any sense. Do you even know what the ps1 means for videogaming? The switch is a hybrid portable console. They merged 2 markets into one...

darthv72114d ago

Dude... I simply said the Switch has moved into 5th place in the 100m club. If it hurts your feelings that PS1 is bumped down to 6th then so the F what. It outsold the PS1 in less time and did so while also being more expensive. PS1 at least got price cuts down to $100 before its life ended. Switch is still double that (for the cheapest model). If Nintendo ever did decide to lower the Switch price then PS4 numbers wouldnt be the only ones it would pass next.

MrNinosan114d ago

iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s etc all the way til where we are now have outsold Switch, in less than a year. So in the handheld market Switch is not even close.

With that said, I stand for 3 of those Switched sold. Yay

Orbilator113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Be interesting to see the numbers of actual series x Vs series s as they 2 different consoles. One is a powerhouse machine, the other is a budget entry level console that's had zero availability issues since launch. They not the same spec or anything unlike ps5 and ps5 digital were your just buying the same console without a drive.

Another clever move by Microsoft to disguise the fact that there main console isn't a desirable as they think

darkrider113d ago

Yeah. They were smart. And combined sales of two consoles that are a gen apart and say it's the same. It's the series... When in reality the s isn't even better then the one x.... But with this they can do the marketing of biggest seller in history... We are selling like never before. I think Sony should combined the sales of the pro with the ps5. Just kidding.

dcbronco113d ago

You act as if there is an unlimited number of X1s available for purchase. They sell everything they produce. Pretending that X1 doesn't sell is a desperate fan boy fantasy. These types of ignorant attitudes leave Microsoft with no choice but to buy publishers since a huge part of the gaming community is incapable of objective decision making.

Orbilator113d ago

It's you that's the fan boy. Never have I had an issue trying to buy a series s, when I was looking for my series x it's all I was able to buy. I can't think of anytime it was unavailable. Maybe your in the land USA but everywhere else the series s has been an easy console to pick up . And some people fell for the marketing and bought it instead of an X.

ZeekQuattro114d ago

Next stop for the Switch is PS4. Remember all the doom and gloom for the Switch after its January 2017 pricing and game line up reveal? To continue see the system beat milestone after milestone is a sight to behold. It went from certified Wii U 2.0 flop to passing the Wii and beyond in record time.

SurgicalMenace114d ago

And who's beating who has no more validity than what games you're able to play on your console.

ZeekQuattro114d ago

Which is why the Switch continues to sell the best. Its not because it's cheaper. It's not because its more readily available. It's because of it's game library. I know people like to say it has no games but clearly that's not the case or it wouldn't be selling the way it has been for years now if there was no credible software to back it up.

SurgicalMenace114d ago

The Switch is much like the Wii, it appeals to a vastly casual market harboring no extra expense to get the most out of it. While both the PS4, PS5, and XB all require high definition equipment to get the most out of them. Also, you must factor in that casual players far outnumber the hard-core market. Much like there are far more McDonalds than Eagle's Nests. More Hondas are being sold than Porsche.

You see, most people often measure sales as a way to determine winners and losers. While this is common, they are also used to measure quality. Though the Switch does manage to serve its purpose, it is not often mentioned in conversations of the hard-core gamer.

You mentioned the library. Are you speaking of all the legacy games released on previous systems? Though it has its exclusives, there's little that hasn't been experienced through other means on the Switch. How many titles are not going to be on the Switch? Elden Ring, Dying Light, Horizon, Gran Turismo, Halo, Forza....and the list goes on. The Switch sells because it's a simple system, not its library, not its tech, but the convenience of access. I get it; Windows is much easier to use than Linux, too.

Kakashi Hatake114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Sony has completely stopped selling them at retail. Not sure why they cut PS4s wings off. A price drop and a few more years, it would've outsold PS2. Would be a hollow victory for Switch if it's considered one as it's a handheld to most.

septemberindecember114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I don't agree that PS4 would have outsold the PS2, but it would have definitely passed Gameboy and could have ended up in the 130M range. The Switch may not even pass PS2 and that console is tracking far ahead of PS4 at this point in its life (This would be around July of 2018 in this time of the PS4's life, so long before they stopped manufacturing enough of them).

anubusgold113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Sony just ordered 1 million more ps4 to be made since they cant make enough ps5 consoles.

Christopher113d ago

PS4 is still being made and sold. No clue what you're on about.

anubusgold113d ago

@Christopher They put in a order for 1 million more ps4's it was covered by several business sites

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MrNinosan114d ago

But during Wii, Nintendo also had Nintendo DS. So to count Nintendos success, compare Switch + Switch Lite with Wii + DS.

Aloymetal114d ago

Xbone release date November 2013, 4 years later Nintendo Switch released date March 2017, ...Switch outsold total xbone sales in June 2021....It took xbone 8 yrs to achieved what the Switch did in 4. That's gotta be the best record ever.

darthv72114d ago

PS1 released in December of 1994 and stopped production in March of 2006. That is over 11 years of production and yet the Switch surpassed their lifetime sales in less than 5 years. Granted the PS1 sales declined rapidly after 2000 with the release of the PS2 but even still the Switch passed it in less time.

That's gotta be the best record ever.

Aloymetal114d ago

Well I admit about the Switch outselling the xbone is nothing to brag about considering that should be an easy task.
But I thought you didn't care about sales...

randomvoice114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Gaming sphere was much smaller when PS1 was released. That comparison makes no sense. Also, Switch was always going to be popular especially since Nintendo kinda killed the DS handheld and made Switch the successor to both the Wii U and DS. DS used to sell a shitton of units and being the only handheld console makes it popular.

I still feel Switch is a secondary console for most. It is a great companion to something like the PS5. It can work as a primary console for kids but apart from that, any teen/adult would probably buy it as a secondary unit.

septemberindecember114d ago


The Switch is tracking far ahead of other handheld consoles, such as the 3DS, GBA, and Gameboy. It also being portable doesn't detract from it's success. Any way you look at it, what the Switch has done is an incredible feat. Especially going from a 13.4M console (Wii U) to a possible 130-150M console (hard to tell exactly where it will fall, but it will land somewhere within there).

From the worst selling console since the Dreamcast to the best selling console since the Nintendo DS...that's an accomplishment.

randomvoice114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

@septemberindecember - What are you talking about? The Nintendo DS sold 154 million units as per estimates and while yeah the Wii U sucked, people forget that Wii alone sold over 101 million units during its lifetime. Also, market inflation is a thing. Gaming sphere has grown a lot over the past few decades and each decade, more console get sold than the previous. So saying that the Switch did something unheard of is absolutely false. The whole 150 million handheld crowd was eagerly waiting to hand their kids a console and it tapped into the market.

The only ones shocked with the sales are people who couldn't read the market signs. They are also selling the lite variant for around the same price DS was sold if you account for inflation. So basically the Switch has replaced the sales from DS+Wii and cannibalized a little from both.

septemberindecember114d ago


"What are you talking about? The Nintendo DS sold 154 million units as per estimates"

I clearly said the 3DS, did I not? The NDS and PS2 are anomalies. They are the best selling consoles in their respective classes and likely will be for some time to come, unless somehow the Switch manages to overcome them (which I think is doubtful, but possible nevertheless). The Switch is on track to become either the second best selling portable or the second best selling home console in video game history, no matter what class you place the Switch in. That's a damn good rebound from Nintendo's worst selling handheld console (3DS) and worst selling home console (Wii U).

"The only ones shocked with the sales are people who couldn't read the market signs."

What the market told us is that handheld gaming was on a rapid decline. 154M NDS owners turned into about 74M 3DS owners and 80M+ PSP owners turned into 14M Vita owners. That's a sharp decrease. There weren't 150M+ handheld gamers just sitting there. You're completely looking over the impact of the mobile gaming market (i.e. cellphones).

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Orchard114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

The Switch is regularly breaking records set by Microsoft, Sony and even Nintendo. It just claimed PS1’s scalp today.

There’s no stopping it at this point - the only one who will kill demand is Nintendo by releasing a Switch 2, but given that it still outsells Xbox and PS consistently, I don’t think they’ll be in a rush to do that.

SurgicalMenace114d ago

Did it really beat Playstation 1 in anything but sales? Just because it beat the sales numbers doesn't diminish how much more impactful the PS1 was over the Switch. How many ICONIC games were birthed on the PS1? Now, name a game on the Switch that can match the impact Final Fantasy 7 or Metal Gear Solid had on the industry?

ThatsGaming114d ago

To be fair Switch is putting a lot of consoles in the dust. Switch has outpaced the best selling console of all time... PS1.

darthv72114d ago

[one of] the best selling.... PS2 still holds that #1 spot.

SurgicalMenace114d ago

Is it really? In the dust? You guys act like sales eclipses legacy. Okay, the Switch is selling more; now what? Do you get some kind of reward for choosing the most purchased entertainment device? Be sure to put that on your resume in the future.

My purchase is attributed to those sales, but it has failed to keep me engaged. Sales don't measure sustainable interest only who was willing to try it.

darkrider114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Not fair. The Xbox one floped. It lost 35 millions plus gamers from the 360 gen. Maybe even more because on the Xbox one gen gaming was even more popular then on the 360.

darthv72114d ago

WiiU lost 88m from the Wii and the PS3 lost 68m from the PS2. What's your point? Things rebound, such is the case for the PS4 and the Switch and will likely be the case for the Series X|S.

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septemberindecember114d ago

Switch sales are down YoY pretty harshly, but some of this could be attributed to lower sales right before a huge spike when Pokemon Legends: Arceus comes out. PS5 and Xbox Series consoles are up by a significant margin, which is good to see. Those consoles are picking up steam while Switch is starting to settle. It's going to be an interesting year for sales!

ZeekQuattro114d ago

This is not unlike what happened last September where there was a big drop because the OLED was releasing the following month and many held off. I see Arceus having a similar impact.

114d ago
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