Elden Ring Will Take 30 Hours To Beat For Just Main Story

According to an interview at the Taipei Game Show, Elden Ring's main story will take players 30 hours to complete.

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Eidolon112d ago

I think that'd equate to 40+hrs for me. I don't go straight through the main story but I'm also not a completionist.

camel_toad112d ago

Yeh unless someone is speed running I would guess 30 hours is the absolute minimum.

4Sh0w112d ago

Yeah 30-35hrs is plenty for me.

Eidolon112d ago

Lol yeah the first time. Think that's just average. Playstyle, skill, general alertness and focus, time reading, etc. could take that down or up. A speedrunner could take a 30hr main-story playthrough down to like 3 hrs or less XD. I was looking at times for Dark Souls 3 no glitch speed runs and saw 3hrs, and HZD 1 hr 44 mins... RIDICULOUS.

jBlakeeper112d ago

Yeah I usually add about ten hours onto the tally also. I really try and take all of it in and do not rush through games. I don’t have the patience to be a completionist but I like to complete most of the content in a game. About 80-90 percent of it.

Eidolon112d ago

Same. I don't know if I have 100%ed anything just out of fun. I'll play it for fun but 100% is just not something I will go for.

Demetrius111d ago

Agree I love to explore and find out new things within open world games ☺️

Aloymetal112d ago

Best thing about Soulborne games is the replayability factor.

CrimsonWing69112d ago

Isn’t that the norm for these games?

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northpaws112d ago

I feel like one boss can take me that long. I am just really bad at this kind of games.

pietro1212112d ago

Same here, but I really like playing these games from time to time

KillaJamm111d ago

I was thinking the same, it's taken me 15 hours to beat about 6 bosses so far on Demon Souls lol

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The story is too old to be commented.