ELDEN RING Trailer – Taipei Game Show 2022

"Rejoice, Tarnished, and feast your eyes on Taipei Game Show 2022’s special broadcast program on #ELDENRING – previously filmed last December. Hear from producer, Yasuhiro Kitao, about the game mechanics, and find out his answers to some of your burning questions."

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annoyedgamer119d ago

Waifu interviews game developer

Aloymetal119d ago

I'm a soulsborne fanatic, played an unhealthy amount of hrs in Bloodborne,DS3 and Sekiro but I can't help to notice that Elden Ring just look like DS3.5. As long as the gameplay is solid I'm ok but Fromsoft need to up their game in the graphics department.

MeatyUrologist119d ago

Completely agree. I am replaying HZD right now to prepare for FW, and that game is stunning and could pass for a ps5 game in many cases. Elden Ring literally looks like an early ps4 game to me. I know it is more open but it looks to be a downgrade visually from DS in almost every area. Also, the lack of any blood on enemies or impact when hitting them and the way they simply phase through the character when in death animations instead of interacting just kills immersion.

I know these comments will get down voted as their fans are pretty rabid, but I think the devs really are coasting on the other games reputation right now.

Aloymetal119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Exactly! Hey I'm a ''rabid soulsborne fan'' and I agree 110% with what you said. I have 2500+ hrs in DS3 and 2300+ in bloodborne. Imo Hzd is the most beautiful game from last gen from PS and even prettier than GOW by a long shot. Only thing that comes close is TLOU2 but that's not open world, Keep in mind this was Guerilla's 1st attempt at an open world game and they did amazing. HZD looks incredible and with the latest patch on PS5 even better.
Can't wait for the sequel.
Even on ps4 looks amazing...

Omnisonne119d ago

Graphics aside though, Elden Ring seems to borrow a lot from previous FromSoft games including animations. I'm curious about how it turns out as it seems to be a truly epic tale.. but I'm also moderately skeptical. It'll need to have it's own special twist, like Bloodborne, for me to be convinced.

MeatyUrologist119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Haha didn't even see your name when I made the comment, but I guess you are as big a fan of horizon as me. I am so pumped for FW, and I think even being a multi gen game, it may be a couple years before we see something top it graphically and animation wise.

As for Elden Ring, I may still give it a go after FW, but it will be hard after playing such a massive game.

Omegasyde119d ago

Agreed. I wonder why they didn’t just call this Dark Soul 4, after seeing the intro.

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Killer2020UK119d ago

Yeah I was just looking at this thinking, DS PS5 looks a great deal more beautiful

Bobertt119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

You can't compare a next gen exclusive to a cross gen multi platform title for graphics. Also this video is only in 1080p not 4k.

Aloymetal119d ago

I understand what you're saying but I was expecting more. I've seen the game running at 4k.....Still looks like ds3 with a higher res. Same animations, sounds etc...
Click at your own risk, 1 hr of Elden Ring running on ps5 4k/60fps

fitofficial119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Couldn't disagree more. I think it looks great and I'm glad they're focusing more on content, design, and gameplay rather than pushing graphics through the roof when it already looks good. It's also going to be a different experience in 4k running in front of you versus these videos.

That design decision is one of the many reasons why FromSoft games are head and shoulders above the competition.

plexdk119d ago

Agreed, I've to this date, not seen any level design that gets even close to FromSoftware's titles.
I don't get why kids needs to compare souls games to the top 3 tier engines from sony's in house studios.

They don't have the same priorities, which is ok. If you are into these games, they excel.

plexdk119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Souls have -never- been on par with the generations, but we still Play it - not because of graphic whoreness, but because of it’s superior gameplay. Same with this one.

Besides, it is looking better than ds3, just look at the character models, weather effects, and animations.

Kran118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Graphics are not the main focus of a video game. They should ALWAYS be second to gameplay.

More Dark Souls isn't at all a bad thing also. HOWEVER the game looks way bigger in scope compared to any Dark Souls game. After all we now have mounted combat for starters and it truly is open world rather than a set of corridors that come from one hub.

The graphics, to me, still look fantastic, and with the open world that it is, there's only so much that can be rendered on screen remember. Are they on par with Demon's Souls? Of course not, for Demon's Souls they only had to really worry about putting a new skin on an existing game that's also way smaller in scale to Elden Ring by like 6:1, on a game where 98% of its ideas are existing anyway and only had to adapt off of it and doing it for one single console (the PS5).

Meanwhile FS have to ensue the game works not only on PlayStation 5, not only on Xbox Series S/X, not only PC, but PS4 and Xbox One as well. They have to ensure a large portion of the open world is also rendered as well. And again, there will be a good chunk of new and existing ideas. Compromises have to be made. I am not AT ALL mad that animations were reused. Did everybody forget we just had a pandemic where people had to work from home and make compromises every day, delaying the development of multiple pieces of media?

Come on....

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KillBill119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

FromSoftware needs to look at upgrading their character models if they want to look at presenting a 'next gen' look to their games. They still have a last gen look to them. Fingers and hands need a lot of work as well the facial features that still feel old gen. Even the character animations have am old gen look to them. If this is their intentions then they have achieved the classic look but it simply needs more when they start moving to current gen only titles.

With that said it still has a Soul look and feel so it has that familiar play with it that everyone has enjoyed. I just feel they need to look at venturing forward instead of doing only what they have done in the past but with new skins and backgrounds.

Elda119d ago

Basically DS4 with a new name.

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