Netflix Responds To Microsoft Planned Acquisition Of Blizzard

Netflix's response to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has certainly been positive.

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Magog114d ago

So they are using Microsoft looking around for a way to spend their billions in a profitable market as a vindication of their own subscription model. That's a stretch. Vastly different circumstances.

Hatchetforce114d ago

Actually they are trying to find a bright spot:

jonny897114d ago

Breaking News: A company running a subscription service says positive things about subscription services.

Lightning77114d ago

Basically yes. He's pounding his chest about subscription services that Netflix made popular 14 years ago. Basically saying see I told you so subscription was the way to go.

I vastly disagree with that notion as option's to purchase and own should always be the majority now and forever. I don't want the illusion of owning something or pay monthly just to use something when I rather own it.

CobraKai114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Same. I got game pass but I’m letting it expire. I don’t like the idea that I have to keep the subscription live just to finish a game. I’d rather just own a physical copy

patrick1114d ago

Yeah I'd rather own 1 game for $70 rather than use that money for a subscription service to play hundreds of games. Same thing with DVDs. I'd rather buy every single show and stack up DVDs.

Wretchedstain114d ago

If everyone actually read the EULA on the vast majority of games, you'd realise you don't actually own it at all. All you have is access outside of subscription. Subscription is the way to go, as the companies will tell you, so you never own any of it, and only have access to it (especially with digital only platforms, and as long as you're paying) Slowly they have been trying to kill the second hand market with this, as they don't get a penny if you sell a game on to someone else, which in the big wigs eyes is looked at as 'lost revenue' Once this all becomes the norm, I'll just hit my physical backlog of games and be done with it, which ever ones are still active... as I stated, will I still have access to them anyway?

Magog114d ago

Cable TV and before that newspaper delivery popularized subscription services. 😉

OptimusDK113d ago

@CobraKai - ohh you mean the physical copy that only has a beta version of the game that you have to download to play. I dont get it what year are you guys living in?

Do you also buy all you movies and series on bluray?

Zhipp113d ago

This is especially true in the case of Netflix. Their streaming quality is mediocre at best compared to most of their competitors, and the absence of physical purchase options means their garbage streaming is the only way to watch their shows. It's a shame. At least with videogames you're getting the same quality product with digital purchase.

I would rather buy SOME games and SOME tv shows. I think, ideally, there will be a combination of both. 90% of my media consumption is through streaming, but I still buy movies and TV shows from time to time. I'm subscribed to Gamepass, but I still buy games.

onisama113d ago

90% of poeple just play the game and then never touch it again... If you really want to play it for along time buy it

CobraKai113d ago

Of course I buy all my movies and series blu rays. What the hell kind of stupid ass question is that?

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darthv72114d ago

Netflix has dipped their toes into gaming and maybe they are thinking of inking a deal with MS for some of those mobile games now. That's the only aspect I can think of that would be mutually beneficial.

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Knightofelemia114d ago

After finding out they jacked their subscription price to $21 Canadian a month I won't be dealing with Netflix any more.

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patterson114d ago

Same. The prices keep going up, so I cancelled.

This is why I hate subscription services. Eventually prices go up - NEVER down.
And when that's the only way you can watch or play anything, we're screwed.

darthv72114d ago

Yeah my price went up as well... by $1. How dare they. /s

But I also read that it was only for new subscribers and existing ones were locked in for the next two years. So i wont really see that increase until 2024.

RedDevils114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Streaming is the new cable.

Retroman114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I cancelled my Netflix service when it went from 7.99 to 9.99 now I stream everything on Amazon Fire stick no monthly payments. able to download Hulu and Netflix, Disney plus Free No monthly service payments.

Bladesfist114d ago

Prices for everything keep going up. It's not like physical game prices aren't going up.

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jznrpg114d ago

Gamepass will surpass that sooner than later

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