God of War Is Great On PC, But PlayStation Is More Reliable

Dualshockers: "I wasn’t bothered about updating graphic drivers, my PC overheating, or finding the best settings on the console. At times, one would just want to simply plug and play and avoid all the hassles. Surely, the experience on PC is unparalleled, but if I am looking for a hassle-free experience, I’d definitely choose to play God of War on a PlayStation console."

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LordoftheCritics498d ago

Dualshockers article.

What a shocker.

waljaber497d ago

"Dualshockers article.

What a shocker"
but its a fact like it or not,
i have the same problem with FF7 remake [email protected]#$ing annoying.

Glemt497d ago

It's not per se a fact. I borrowed a PS from a mate, installed the game, and every 30 minutes it said there was an installation error. Followed every troubleshooting guide I could find, re-installed, formatted, more than a dozen times. Still kept happening.

Consoles nowadays can no longer promise hassle-free gaming. Sure, it happens, and it might happen more often than not, but my PC-games have mostly been extremely stable, and when they haven't I can mostly find an easy solution. Consoles have had fewer problems in my experience, but when they do, they are extremely hard to solve.

Zhipp497d ago

It's not fair to compare the outstanding GoW port to the universally panned FFVII port. They're not in the same league.

LordoftheCritics497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

''but its a fact like it or not''

In your world, if that's a fact then gravity is an opinion?

The REAL truth as in the truth I am aware of in my world. No issues gaming on PC. Its basically plug and play.
The Real fact here is that consoles are slowly getting closer to PC, not the other way around. With apps, hard drive modularity, more game setting controls etc etc

The people who face issues on PC either have a bad setup or really really dont know what they're doing.

So the issue is not reliability, the issue is stupid level simplicity. For that yes, your fact might make sense.

Terry_B497d ago

Its a fact that Dualshockers is a site that has writers that use clickbait and sometimes absolutely cringe writings to get clicks.

Sephiroushin496d ago

FF7 remake might be because EGS is shit and it likes to throw errors especially on games that have always online, if GOW was being played there then it might be because egs as well, I only had 1 issue where the game slowed down and had to restart (,was playing on Arch Linux), had 0 problem on Windows

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n1kki6497d ago

He also admits to running it on Epic on a 2070. Like yo, that 2070 isn't going to run Epic.

masterfox498d ago

Well somebody gets it , thumbs up.

XbladeTeddy497d ago

Gets what? Install game, update GPU driver, load game, play game.

Don't know why they brought overheating into it, that's your builds fault.

ThatsGaming497d ago

Ya, it is like they are trying to say PC isn't as good as console. Sorry, PC has the best hardware, so if you wanna play the game on ultra-wide or with the best graphical experience PC is where it is at.

ChubbyBlade497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Gets what? None of these “issues” are issues.

This is the equivalent to someone using a console and whining about system updates. They’re automatic. Even on, shocker, Pc.

Orchard498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

Complaints over things which are easily solved.

1. Graphics drivers - Nvidia, AMD, steam and even Windows will update your driver for you at the click of a button.

2. Overheating? Who has overheating problems in 2022. If you do, your PC hasn’t been built correctly.

3. Best settings - most games can reasonably detect recommended settings these days, and things like GeForce experience will fine tune the game for your hardware.

PC is the definitive experience for GOW and most other games - and Sony did an excellent job on the PC port.

The primary reason to play on console really is comfort of a couch and big TV (which you could still make work with a PC).

anubusgold498d ago

You can play on your tv on pc as well if you want. I use my living room PC to play my fighting games on the big screen tv with my fight stick.

blackblades497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Got my laptop connected to my tv via HDMI. Had shield controller connected but wasnt working right with steam so I use the ps4 controller. Laptop isnt a gaming laptop so I can't play much but I do have a lot of games I got free from weekly free games on epic store. Steam deck sounds good for someone like me ikt

Shane Kim497d ago

The only reason to play on console is price.

Shiore2u497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Is it really? You end up spending more by the end of a generation if you buy overpriced new releases consistently, renew internet paywall membership, get a new eventual "updated" model, replace controller x number of times due to shoddy analog design, etc. At least with PC you can make back the cost with how much you save on new releases through the right reseller, no paywall membership, upgrading doesn't require tossing the whole thing away, mice and keyboards are relatively inexpensive and less likely to degrade.

EvertonFC497d ago

I have a nice bank account but I don't PC, why? Ease of use, comfort on the sofa, plug and play, simple to navigate, easy to chat to my family and friends

NotoriousWhiz497d ago

I prefer console because I have very limited gaming time and don't want to spend any of it troubleshooting why a specific game or peripheral isn't working properly.

andy85497d ago

Being able to sell games helps a massive amount (I normally get 80-90% of the cost back) I've even made money rarely if I'd gotten a great deal on the game pre-release

ChubbyBlade497d ago


All completely doable on a pc. Did you know this thing called an HDMI port exists 🤭 and they work with PCs 😦 and even those mystical magic remote things with the silly sticks work on Pc as well from all modern consoles 🤯 not to mention the Xbox app allows you to chat with your Xbox friends 💀

Petebloodyonion497d ago

I totally disagree with you about PC being cheaper Sorry but it was cheaper in the past but not now
How much do you pay that can play Serie X or Playstation 5 games at the same level of console
1600$ to 2500$ versus 500% for the console.
Now you mention PS+ paywall so 10 years of PS+ at 59$ = 590$ for 10 years
So I'm still a couple 100$ in the green.

As for day 1 well last I check digital is the only way to go on PC and if you go via legit store (Steam, Epic, Humble) you basically pay a similar price to console but at least I have the pleasure to go physical.
And last, changing console version usually costs 200$ if you resell your old console versus your new graphics card not being able to be supported fully by your current MB if you went with the 1600$ setup (hey I know I'm at this point where I need to fully change everything from my Gaming PC since my 2015 Gaming PC can't take advantage of RTX 3000 series, DDR4, gen4 NVme SSD).

So please explain me where you save money again?

anubusgold496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

@EvertonFC Used pc parts go for good prices i sold my last two graphics cards on ebay for more than i paid for them brand new lol. Also used ram and motherboards and power supplies sell for good prices as well because some people need a upgrade and parts go out of stock or is no longer made so their prices on the used market goes up. Because they need compatible parts that match their hardware. OH yeah and used cpu prices are good as well since the board sockets get changed every two years by intel so people who need a new cpu options get limited after a few years without buying a new motherboard. So people just try to find the top of the line cpus used later when their cheaper cpu they bought at the start of that generation starts to struggle or buy a new motherboard. And my chair is more comfortable to game on than my sofa.

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JeffGUNZ497d ago

Exactly, I laughed at this article. The graphic drivers, really? A week or so before a new release Nvidia and AMD release the driver update for the game so you have it well before release. Overheating is laughable. That is a building a PC issue, not a game specific issue. If you can't build a PC with adequate cooling, then you shouldn't have built a PC lol. For settings, Nvidia literally sets it automatically dependent on your specs. Obviously, you can go and tinker. One of the most exciting parts of a new release is looking at the settings and what you can change. What a joke of an article. I don't get why anyone gets so defensive that games run better on PC. People are living in a dream world if they think there 500 console is going to perform as good or better then a 1500-2000 PC.

SirBruce497d ago

Well... you can leave updates in automatic. But not all PC manufacturers have that option by default on their systems.
Trick: don't play games before they appear in your system list as ready to play (no matters if it is NVIDIA, AMD or Intel's enviroment).

andy85497d ago

@petebloodyonion tbh it's not $59 a year either. Don't you guys get offers at $24.99 or $29.99 for a year? I remember last year you could buy 12 months USA Plus for £18 in the UK.

Petebloodyonion497d ago

I know! thus my point! if you're paying 59$ for 10 years then you have paid 590$ (in 10 years)
Do you keep the same high gaming PC for 10 years without adjustment?

And another question that should be asked? Do ppl really expect PS+ and XboxliveGold to continue charging for long when you don't pay for pc and mobile?

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Magog497d ago

Replace "God of War" with "any video game" and its even more true.

MadLad497d ago

Ah yes.
I play most of my games on my PC, despite having the new consoles, because the experience is worse.

FPS_D3TH497d ago

Lmao except I’m over here playing excellent top tier games you can’t find on consoles at all and never will, on top of playing the vastly superior pc versions of certain console games. Stay ignorant though, there’s isn’t enough top tier gpus to go around as is

ChubbyBlade497d ago

The dude thinks god of war is 5 years old. He’s not exactly bright.

CrimsonWing69497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

I wouldn’t say any game, but PC is known for more crashes and issues than consoles. I guess that’s the trade-off.

ChubbyBlade497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

You don’t even know how to count years. You said god of war is 5 years old despite being less than 4 (3.7 to be exact) then tried to go on to defend that by just listing years since release while forgetting days and months exist. I wouldn’t expect you to be able to enter a password.

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