Horizon Forbidden West Has a Single Ending, But Player Actions Can Change Some Nuances

Guerrilla discussed the ending of Horizon Forbidden West. It'll be just one, but player actions can change some nuances of it.

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Cybermario117d ago

i am okay with that, sometimes is boring to try to aim for different endings

Kurt Russell117d ago

If a game has multiple endings, I have a habit of researching how I get the "good" ending so I don't cock it up. This normally involved me reading all kinds of spoilers to do so.
When they don't and I.E what is being proposed here... I just enjoy myself more and go through at my own pace, without spoiling anything for myself.

So I am happy with that :)

Eidolon116d ago

I usually won't play through a game again for another ending, besides maybe really short games or games where the choice is pretty close to the end, and only for a trophy.. Otherwise, we got YouTube.

Aloymetal117d ago

February 18th seems like 4 years away!

Eidolon116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Will have to wait longer since I'll probably end up Gameflying everything(I have 4 months left(3 games out) and 3-5 day shipment to and from). So it's gonna be even worse knowing the game is out and I can't play it yet.

I'll have Dying Light 2 beat before Horizon and Horizon before Elden Ring. Pretty good month. :)

bloop116d ago

I started a new game+ on Zero Dawn for a story refresh intending on running through the main missions only and fast traveling everywhere to complete it as quickly as possible but I'd almost forgotten how amazing the game is and now I've ended up doing practically everything again. Can't wait for Forbidden West now!!

BrainSyphoned117d ago

We're sorry your 100 hour run in Persona 5 is over prematurely. Please follow a guide next time so you don't have to play 225 hours to get to the correct ending.

pietro1212117d ago

It’s pretty easy to get the good ending in P5, without the need for a guide. That’s fine, it isn’t like Horizon is a rpg

DarXyde117d ago

Persona games have branch endings, but they dangle the real ending in your face. Who doesn't get the right ending in their first playthrough?

TakeTori116d ago

The good Persona 4 ending is not straight forward to achieve.

DarXyde116d ago


I disagree. I'll go over Golden since that was expanded.

In the confrontation with Namatame, you have the choice to do something that would really be out of character for the heroes in this story. If you really just play it true to what it means to find the "truth", it's really not hard.

Cue the next obvious step: one character was just too damn suspicious the entire time. You had to know. Then, also...Johnny Yong Bosch doesn't play bit parts. The fact that he plays two people made it obvious.

Finally, on the last day... You really just need to go to Junes.

BlaqMagiq1117d ago

It was extremely easy to get the true ending in both Persona 5 and Royal.

pietro1212117d ago

They’re either talking out their butt or/and they never played P5

BlaqMagiq1116d ago


Facts. The true ending basically slaps you in the face.

notachance117d ago

you have to actually try on purpose to get the bad ending on persona 5, even then the game warned you multiple times that your choice in that particular scene is important, seems like you're talking out of your ass.

TheTony316116d ago

it's extremely difficult not to get the right ending in P5.

BrainSyphoned116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

No I didn't miss the ending because I spoiled it by looking at a guide. I did put in the 225 for platinum though because I missed a text message from Mishima.

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Elda117d ago

That's great to know.

TheRealTedCruz117d ago

Most games don't need several different endings. It has RPG elements, but it's not an RPG. I just want a well handled story and narrative.

neutralgamer1992117d ago

It has the same writer who did fallout new Vegas and he finished the story before leaving for other projects

TheRealTedCruz117d ago

Wasn't aware.
That's right up there with some of my favorite RPGs had.
I didn't have doubt in the writing, but that has me that much more excited for the release.

CaptainHenry916117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Actually Ex-Bethesda and CD Projekt Red developers helped build Horizon's open world. It's more like the Witcher 3. I'm all in if that's true. I saw a video about it on Polygon that said this game is more WRPG than the first game and it plays more like the Witcher 3.

Some of the same Ex Bethesda and CDPR developers works for Deviation games now

TheRealTedCruz117d ago

The info is appreciated.

I didn't know that was the case, though I was recently made aware of Deviation Games. I'll definitely have them on my radar going forward.

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