Castlevania-Inspired Roguelike Is Pure Dopamine

Ian Walker : I’m retroactively adding Vampire Survivors to my 'Best Games of 2021' list

SegaSaturn669608d ago

The main character's appearance like Alucard is too on-the-nose for me. It's like that fire emblem game clone that just copied too closely.


Vampire Survivors Co-op On Switch | New Gameplay Today

Vampire Survivors is finally coming to Switch and you can check out some gameplay for that version ahead of its release.

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Christopher39d ago

5m54s for co-op gameplay (link: https://youtu.be/55iNkGZ7wF... ). This is the perfect game for portable devices, IMHO.

P_Bomb38d ago

It’ll be great in portable bursts. Something to bring with you on lil’ trips. Out to the cabin or whatever.


Secret version of Vampire Survivors exists, but you may never play it

Vampire Survivors may have a hidden Director's Cut version with new characters and stages, but it has never been released to the public... yet.

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Vampire Survivors - Nintendo Direct 6.21.2023

Vampire Survivors is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 17, 2023!