Gran Turismo 7 File Size Revealed For PS4 and PS5

The official PlayStation Store has disclosed the Gran Turismo 7 download size for the PS4 and PS5. Learn what is required to install the game.

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darthv72123d ago

Id imagine it will take less space on the PS5 thanks to their compression tech.

Magog123d ago

Agreed. Probably accurate for ps4 but PS5 version will be smaller.

Destiny1080122d ago

110 gigs for the PS4 version
89 gigs for the PS5 version

gerbintosh122d ago

Thanks, I hate when these people make these long posts to only tell one fact

frostypants122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

It's a dishonest and sleazy means of maximizing ad revenue. Sites like this one need to be banned from N4G.

purple101122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Same size as GT sport.

Edit.. it is essentially GTsport with 10 new tracks, 100 new cars, new lighting. Day to night time of day. Weather system and dualSense adaptive triggers. All new career mode. With everything in 4k on ps5.

Still getting it though..

122d ago
XbladeTeddy122d ago

What did you want exactly? Flying cars and races on the moon?

MaximusPrime_122d ago

I think Purple001 wants combat vehicles with guns

whitbyfox122d ago

Well GT6 did have time trials on the moon.

Shane Kim122d ago

Isn't that like every sequel ever made?

purple101122d ago

Obviously some racetracks are historic and deserves to be in more than one racing game, more than once, but 100 new tracks would be better than 100 repeats is what I meant.

122d ago
yeahokwhatever122d ago

"its basically the same game except for all of the things we do and don't know about that make it different"

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darklaw122d ago

I wonder If they are going to adopt sonys intention and add VR support to it's platform.

SullysCigar122d ago

I fully expect GT7 to be one of the biggest pushes to demonstrate PSVR2 in the lead up to launch. Can't wait!

AKS121d ago

GT Sport had a VR mode, so I would be surprised if GT7 didn't get at least something like that down the road. I'm expecting quite a bit to be added over time as was the case for GT Sport.

purple101122d ago

@maximusprime Im fluctuanig between AA and AC grades on gt sport though

I looove combat with guns. Blur almost had it right.

Wrekfest' has had to suffice for the last year or two though.

yeahokwhatever122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

i dont know what your comment means, but ive been thinking about how cool car combat games would be if they had legit driving like gran turismo since i played GT in 1997 or whenever that was. god im old.

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The story is too old to be commented.