PS5 Will Outsell Xbox Series X/S 2-to-1 in 2022, Analyst Predicts

PS5 vs Xbox Series X sales: Piers Harding-Rolls has said that he expects the PlayStation 5 to outsell Xbox Series X/S two-to-one in 2022.

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Christopher118d ago

They might stay ahead, but a 2:1 seems hard for me to believe right now. But I don't have the numbers they do? Still, that seems hard for Sony to do.

darkrider118d ago

It only depends on the amount of the chips. If everything is OK with the Taiwan factories. No covid problems.... But we don't know.... This omicron variant... But Sony should do what it can to get more chips. In a year with horizon, gt7 and gow... Those are system sellers.

darthv72118d ago

Regardless, I actually see more multi console adoption this gen vs last. A $300 S is hard to pass up when pairing it with a PS5. They compliment each other so well.

Obz117d ago

Ummm Starfield, Elder Scrolls 6, and Call of Duty might want to have a word with your “system sellers”.

andy85117d ago

@Obz one of those isn't out for at least a few years. One is Call Of Duty which so far there's been no inclination it'll only be on Xbox (quite the opposite in fact) and Starfield which is a brand new IP. How often do brand new IPs get people to switch over in droves.

343_Guilty_Spark117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

COD is their system seller. The games you mentioned are icing on the cake.

S2Killinit117d ago

With the chip situation getting better I expect PS5 to continue increasing the gap.

DarXyde117d ago


I somewhat disagree. Sure, you'll get exclusives both have to offer, but the vast majority of content is shared. One plays them extremely well, one does not; one has game pass, the other does not.

I think you can choose one and be quite fine. It's actually a surprise Nintendo doesn't sell the most hardware because they have the best complementary hardware in my view: Playstation and Switch, Xbox and Switch, or even PC and Switch are typical and make more sense than Series S and PS5.

Again though, it really depends on what you're after.

darthv72117d ago

@Xyde... well in that case I have all 3. I didnt bring up Nintendo because this was about PS vs XB.

Crows90117d ago

I dont think omicron will be around much longer. Absolutely everyone I service for my job has or knows a bunch of people with that variant right now. It's making its rounds very quickly. Im sure in a few months omicron will be a thing of the past and hello to another new variant.

Crows90117d ago


Keep in mind the majority of sales used to come with playstation...when you remove them who knows how much it will sell. Either playstation owners adopt into the gamepass thing or they dont...and if they dont...well those sales numbers are gonna see a dramatic decrease.

DarXyde117d ago (Edited 117d ago )


"COD is their system seller. The games you mentioned are icing on the cake."

Wow, that's a hot take if I've ever seen one. So let me make sure I understand...
You think...that a multiplatform franchise that was synonymous with Xbox during the 360 era, the longest generation with the highest CoD output and acclaim on said platform —when the "good" COD games (whatever that even means anymore)— is... Playstation's system seller? Don't y'all have XGP? The "best online infrastructure"? In what world does this logic make sense?

You are either trolling or delusional. Which is it?

"PS3 only won because MS decided to stop making 360s and focus on the new gen. When it actually mattered Xbox 360 handily beat the PS3 in hardware and brutalized the PS3 in software sales. Additionally coming from the sheer dominance of the PS2 to losing to surely made SONY eat humble pie."

..... Ffs, please say you're trolling. Lie if you need to...

Sony had some serious missteps with PS3, but to say that PS3's comeback was due to Microsoft's pulling back is birdbrained.

Lad... The Xbox 360 had a YEAR headstart. Developers had their hands on the console for a whole year. Games came out looking better for a while. They had a ton of timed exclusives. You had people buying multiple X360s because the failure rate was abysmal. It was $200 cheaper than PS3—literally, for $50 more, you could have an Xbox 360 AND Wii, which was super easy to jailbreak as a bonus. Sony's network was terrible with awful connection and was literally down for a goddamn month. The stars were aligned for Xbox to blow Playstation out of the water and they STILL. LOST. You don't get to say it's because MS stopped caring. Sony was notoriously bad for a while. It really was Microsoft's generation to lose, and they did. If the Xbox was handedly beating PS3, they should have been miles ahead, even as Xbox "stopped caring". You clearly don't remember that generation very well.

For fun, let's reframe your silliness: "Xbox 360 only lost because Sony was more focused on their current system at the time! Sure, PS3 was killing it outside of the US in hardware sales, but let's not talk about that because it doesn't constitute my idea of 'when it mattered'".

Such an embarrassing take. How'd that "focus on the future hardware" thing work out, by the way?

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Exvalos118d ago

Why would that be hard? That's what they have done every generation. It would be nothing new

sparky77118d ago

COD being exclusive could easily cut into their sales.

Regardless this will be the last generation PlayStation outsells Xbox.

Thegr81118d ago

Didn’t do it the 360 generation. PS3 won but barely

WillyC009118d ago

Lmao, Sparky actually believes Microsoft will outsell Sony in hardware if there’s a ps6/ xbox one series z or whatever it’s called. Morning coffee and a joke to start my day. Thank you.

343_Guilty_Spark117d ago

PS3 only won because MS decided to stop making 360s and focus on the new gen. When it actually mattered Xbox 360 handily beat the PS3 in hardware and brutalized the PS3 in software sales. Additionally coming from the sheer dominance of the PS2 to losing to surely made SONY eat humble pie.

Silly gameAr117d ago


I'm not sure about that. Xbox just isn't as popular as playstation.

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Babadook7118d ago

2:1 is pretty much exactly what the difference in demand is.

Christopher117d ago

Can you prove this with numbers? Because right now it's ~18m to ~12m in sales, which is the only measurement of demand we have.

Babadook7117d ago

Yup. Lots of polling data showed this. One example.

Christopher117d ago

That's polls. Not legit data. Polls vary from one site to another from one week to another. That's like asking what the best selling game is based on user reviews.

RangerWalk267117d ago

Microsoft used millions of Series X consoles/blades to update the Xcloud streaming service. That took a ton of consoles out of market. Plus, you can now play next gen versions of the games that are Game Pass from your OG Xbox One, tablet, mobile phone, and PC. The ecosystem is huge.

StormSnooper117d ago

its already close to 2 to 1. Once the chips become more available I see Playstation pull ahead even more. Then they will get the boost from the PSVR2, I know I'm ready for that since PS5 released.

TheRealTedCruz117d ago

Because the average consumer spends hundreds of dollars to play games, just to spend hundreds of dollars to play games.

VR is still highly a niche market. Its existence will do little to nothing in actually moving units.

StormSnooper117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

doesn't matter what you call it. Fact is, its awesome. Whether you like it or not.

Its existence contributed to a 2:1 instal base in favor of PS4. It will do the same for PS5 (probably more so because they have that much more experience with VR now, and the hardware is that much more capable). Personally, VR, and PSVR2 are most exciting thing happening in gaming for me. I'm Sure there are tons of people like me out there.

iplay1up2117d ago

There are currently 25 million Game Pass subscribers. Compared to 12.5 million PS5 systems sold. I would not cut Microsoft out just yet!

TheRealTedCruz117d ago

PS4 sold as well as it did to the Xbox One because the Xbox One sucked until the release of the One X, which is when Microsoft really stepped up their game in multiple departments.

PS3 and 360 were neck and neck just one generation before. Fanboys need to stop acting like Xbox is still at its low point. It's most definitely at its highest, and is real competition again.

WillyC009115d ago (Edited 115d ago )


Exactly. Stop being a fanboy. If you actually look into the numbers between ps3/Xbox 360 it’s even worse for xbox. Ahead in market release by a year, 8 million head start before Sony even showed up and artificially inflated numbers due to RROD. Then Xbox proceeded to get smashed each year.

You’re as delusional and lost as the actual Ted Cruz.

StormSnooper112d ago

not sure what you mean. Gamepass number is for all xboxes? Also, it takes away from game sales of those games that are available on xbox. The number of consoles sold is directly proportional to how much is generated in sales of whatever it is the console maker is selling, be it games or services or peripheral hardware, or whatever else. Playstation sells more units, thus more sales of everything else.

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Godmars290117d ago

All of MS current momentum is speculative and years away. Even if they announce games, revive franchises, unless they can rush them into current year its not going to help sales.

z2g117d ago

Isn’t this story speculative?? You canned my story for talking about estimated sales. This is a straight up guess…. SMH.

Christopher117d ago

From their site:

Ampere Games - Console provides comprehensive historic and forecast data in over 30 markets covering the entirety of the console market, including hardware, connectivity and content consumption. Covering 17 individual consoles, historical data starts from 2006 and forecasts extend to five years, giving clients a deep understanding of the market dynamics of the core part of games sector country-by-country and device-by-device.

The service also includes console-related consumer research comprising bi-annual waves of surveys interviewing 50,000 respondents across 12 countries tracking console ownership, ownership overlap, ownership sentiment and segmentation. This additional research gives clients a truly holistic view of the segment. The data applications are augmented by a regular pipeline of console market reports, commentary and access to well-established games-sector analysts.

Key metrics include:

Console hardware sales, installed base and online connectivity
Console physical and digital software sales by platform, country
Market share statistics
Console ownership overlap
Console gamer demographics

Class_Viceroy117d ago

I believe it only for the fact that I can buy a Series S or X every single day I wake up yet i haven’t even sniffed a PS5

Christopher117d ago

Series S is out there, definitely not Series X or PS5, though.

Class_Viceroy117d ago

@Obz I got some breaking news for
You. You won’t need a Series X to play CoD, Starfield or ES6. You’ll be able to play them on PC, Xbox One, Tablet, Browser and Mobile. Obviously the latter ones on streaming.

It’s kind of Microsoft’s selling point. They don’t care about beating Sony in the console sales. They just want monthly subscribers to their ecosystem.

Sony will continue to have system sellers. Microsoft will have ecosystem sellers. Which is also another reason why Sony will probably maintain a big lead in system sales. It’s not a negative at all. It’s just a fact of their business models.

ThatsGaming117d ago

It is all about supply. If the supply is there PS5 will sell. Especially with staple franchises like Horizon, GT, and God of War shipping this year.

Spenok116d ago

They're practically that right now as it is. He's just predicting it will continue, with a slight growth in Sony's favor.

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Orchard118d ago

And Switch will outsell them both.

Not that it really matters anyway for Sony vs Microsoft - we can already see that Microsoft are playing a completely different game from traditional hardware unit numbers and are lining up to fight against companies far bigger than Sony.

I do agree with them that the Activision purchase won’t impact sales this year - that deal won’t even be closed this year - and we still don’t know what it means for Activision games on other platforms.

darkrider118d ago

Microsoft is going to become the biggest 3rd party studio. Some still don't understand that. They will publish games on every system available. Something that will happen this year.

Zeref117d ago

Not unless GamePass is allowed on Playstation. And even then probably not every game. Since that would basically kill their own console.

KingofBandits118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

way too many down votes on this. its just simple math. the Switch has proven to be a real wild card and with a solid library of exclusives and a lower price point I don't see how anyone would disagree. I swear its like people think MS dropping 77 billion dollars on these acquisitions and "journos" writing articles is somehow going to sell consoles. Its not, games sell consoles, and Xbox is still repairing its image after XB1. There are massive shifts in mindshare that need to occur for Xbox to over take PlayStation this gen, never mind out selling Nintendo

Magog118d ago

Every Nintendo console hits a brick wall. I don't see Switch being an exception.

EvertonFC117d ago

Switch doesn't have many adult games though does it?

Orchard117d ago

Not as many as PS and Xbox - but how’s that working out for Nintendo? Switch is consistently outselling them both.

Zeref117d ago

The deal might definitely have an impact.

Regardless of exclusivity. We know that Call of Duty will now be on GamePass. I think thats enough of a reason for a lot of people to buy an Xbox over a Playstation this year.

Orchard117d ago

Oh I agree the deal will have huge impact on Xbox and GamePass - just not this year, I don’t believe it will close in 2022 - and they can’t make any changes until it closes.

Class_Viceroy117d ago

It will take probably 2 years to get CoD exclusive. With all the back alley deals Activision has been doing they probably have some agreements to honor with Sony.

2022 obviously multi and possibly 2023 so looking at 2024

darkrider117d ago

Dude that game was already available.... It's not new... The gamers that wanted them buy them. The only new thing here is that Microsoft will start to publish games on Sony machines. Microsoft will become 3rd party studio. That's the only fact. Everything else could or not happened. 3rd party.

KillBill117d ago

If Switch really mattered then they would be included in the heading. They are not... for a reason.

Crows90117d ago

Which company far bigger than sony are they gearing up for?

Orchard117d ago

The large tech corporations - Tencent, Amazon, Google, etc.

Crows90117d ago


The only meaningful company is tencent. The rest are barely in the games industry.

Orchard116d ago

They have enough money to come into the industry at any moment, and have expressed interest in doing so - and when they do, they will crush small, unprepared companies.

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cbuc1125118d ago

Its almost 2-1 already...Thats what 18M-10M sold through is. This is the reason Microsoft doesnt disclose sales numbers, but it can still be figured out.

EasilyTheBest118d ago

Where are you getting Xbox Series on 10M & PlayStation on 18M?
Phil Spencer recently said that sales of the Xbox Series has beaten the Xbox One plus its also beaten their previous best selling console the Xbox 360. Its estimated that Xbox Series Consoles are already over 12M. PlayStation is between 15 & 17M.

darkrider118d ago

Dude even vgc, pro site Microsoft, already put Sony over 18nmillion on the first week January. The gap is already bigger then 6 millions

Kerppamaister118d ago

@darkrider vgc a pro microsoft site? I heard psu is pro MS as well.

Thegr81118d ago

Vgc is more reliable because they readjust after npd comes out and they have it 18m ps5 12m Xbox. I don’t see it being 2-1 this year but the gap is def growing in Sonys favor.

EasilyTheBest117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

I'm just going by the Forbes article & replying to the figure of 10M given by cbuc above...
Even if Spencer isn’t supplying numbers, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad says that based on past Xbox One and Xbox 360 year one numbers (~12 million and 10.4 million respectively), that means Spencer is saying that Xbox Series X and S have shipped at least 12 million units. Though how many above that is unclear.
Xbox Series could be on 13 million as far as we know but as usual on N4G the lowest estimated number for the Xbox Series is given & the Highest estimated PS5 number is given...

Aloymetal117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

When it comes to Xbox, so many of you have such a false sense of relevancy for your platform. Same goes for its games/services...
Microsoft gaming division can’t seriously hope to really compete with Sony if Xbox can’t attain as strong a GLOBAL presence as PlayStation.
PlayStation's worldwide appeal as a brand makes it VERY difficult/impossible to beat. Some people have trouble understanding this...On purpose.

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darthv72117d ago

Its 18m to 12m. That is 1.5:1

Crows90117d ago

Yes and that will continue to grow just like last gen.

S2Killinit117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

If the chips were readily available and people had a choice of either, the gap would be wider. I think we are about to see this play out gradually as more next gen machines become available.

SullysCigar118d ago

Seems a fair prediction to me, given that they usually sell in that kind of ratio.

Factor in the huge line up of their biggest-selling blockbuster franchises launching this year - AND the PSVR2 launch - and you've got a solid prediction...provided they can snag the chips to meet demand.

lonewolf10118d ago

It could go that way, but Xbox is doing better in this new gen, my personal prediction is it will be quite a bit closer than 2:1 but still in Sony's favor, only time will tell.

darkrider118d ago

We heard all those opinions news before this Gen started. The reality. The gap increases every week.

OptimusDK117d ago

This is a stupid joke. This is a hit peace by playstationnet... LOL
The fact of the story is:
This was their message
Last year the console market saw strong consumer demand met by pressure on availability of components.
How will this evolve in 2022? -

Xbox Series: 9m.
PlayStation 5: 18m
Nintendo Switch: 21m

LOL - they are already behind for Xbox as they now have sold more than Xbox 360 which in 12 m. So they are behind by 33% in their estimate at this point. What a joke - who aproved this story.

SullysCigar117d ago

Orchard and season84. You know you're free to report it if you like?

Destiny1080118d ago

starfield will be the first reason, to even own an xbox, and that's late 2022

sony is going to break all sorts of sale records in 2022, especially with the launch of PSVR2, which will bring to you the sights and sounds of being actually inside a gran turismo car