Deviation Games on LinkedIn: Announcing Deviation Games Canada

Deviation Games posts: "Deviation Games is THRILLED to announce Deviation Games Canada!! We’ve been working on this initiative for several months now (and keeping it super quiet BTW), so it’s really exciting to finally share this incredible news with all of you!! We hope you will join us in celebrating this amazing milestone!! AND it goes without saying, WE ARE HIRING!! SO if you're in Canada and you’re interested in exploring any of the opportunities on our website please reach out! Or if you would simply like to learn more, please message any of our team members. We would love to have a conversation and tell you more about all the exciting things going on at Deviation Games!!"

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RaidenBlack903d ago

Deviation is doing multiplayer right?
The founding members are from Treyarch.

GhostofHorizon903d ago

Nothing has been confirmed, we only know they are working on a new Playstation IP. Considering their previous experience, people are expecting a FPS, most likely with multiplayer.

Wonder if this second team will be working on the same game or are they trying to work on multiple projects.

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isarai903d ago

Hopefully whatever they're working on is cool, without any info that's about all i can say lol

Magog903d ago

Looks like their new Playstation IP is going to be huge! Call of Duty Killer anyone? 😍

purple101903d ago

I think teryarch are good. Just that Activision pushed them to release a game too often and the quality suffered. Even with that they still make a decent game

Sony won't push them like that not as fast anyway there will always be pressure.

I think they will make something top quality soon!

CaptainHenry916903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

Every Call of Duty developer has suffered. TBH Activision quality games have suffered

ziggurcat903d ago

"Call of Duty Killer anyone?"

Not likely.

CaptainHenry916903d ago

I think Call of Duty has killed itself at least in Quality

ziggurcat903d ago

I dunno, I had a good time with the WWII single player campaign... I would try the Vanguard SP campaign as well since it's more of a "historical" game than the modern warfare stuff I can't stand.

It's a pretty well-established, ridiculously high-selling franchise, so I doubt that much - if anything - can be called a "CoD killer"... especially from an unknown dev team.

CaptainHenry916903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

I agree but these yearly releases is starting to ignore me. It feels like they're doing it just to get some quick cash regardless of the quality and reviews.

Orchard902d ago

It’ll be a COD killer just like how Titanfall was a COD killer and how Haze was a Halo killer.

CaptainHenry916902d ago

The problem is COD is just not the same anymore in quality. Hardcore gamer's already know that. It's good at making money though especially from the casual gamers

MrBeatdown902d ago

If Microsoft wants to keep future Call of Duty games of PlayStation, Microsoft would be doing half the job for them.

With the last Call of Duty and Battlefield sucking, if I was a developer I'd be pretty optimistic about my chances.

porkChop902d ago

The studio is brand new and hasn't released a single game. Some of the devs may be from Treyarch, but the rest are from across the industry. Having experience doesn't mean the new team will have chemistry or work well together out of the gate. Most new studios struggle with their first couple games. Assuming it'll be a COD killer at this stage is a bit much. Let them release a game or two first before we assume they're even on that level.

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purple101903d ago

Also Sony has been arming up for quite some time. Remember hearing About Haven studio being opened a short while back. Whilst expanding existing studios.

Polyphony digital moved to offices twice the size.
Gurilla games tripled their office size
Santa Monica also moved to larger studios

We are totally safe for high quality games

Magog903d ago

And don't forget Firewalk Studios


Another potential CoD Killer.

purple101903d ago

Looks good. Don't know what there making though ?

Mr_cheese903d ago

Personally, I think we need to not focus on the phrase cod killer. Let the games be made and then let then speak for themselves.

Christopher903d ago

CoD killer based on? Let's not put the cart before the horse here.

Crows90903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

Sony partnering with a brand new studio that has no IP under its belt. This is what a partnership that leads to purchasing a studio looks like.

They give the studio support and opportunity and overtime if they do well they join the team.

Magog903d ago

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they are snatching up the Kena Bridge of Spirits Devs soon.

Crows90903d ago

I've yet to play it....but elden ring and horizon are coming out soon...

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