Halo Infinite Season 2 Will See Earnable Credits "As part of your progression"

Jerry Hook Confirmed that Credits will be earnable in Halo Infinite Season 2's Battle Pass.

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Tacoboto121d ago

Every other week since the game came out, they've taken steps to address progression in some way. Earlier this week they lowered prices, and after this season we can start to actually earn some currency.

They're doing the right things now on the economic side, let's hope true skill-based progression can make season two and that they'll address the desync issues well before then.

Stonilein121d ago

Sadly not a lot of people are still playing this on twitch

OMGitzThatGuy121d ago

Luckily, flavor of the week streamers don't actually stop people from playing it.

GoodGuy09121d ago

What made me not want season 1 was that there was no earnable credits. I get that maybe they didnt in the beginning was because all battle passes dont expire but still lame nonetheless. What I loved best about battle passes was that credits were earnable towards getting another battlepass and with some additional credits left over. But what I hated was that each seasons bp expire. Glad 343s been listening very well. Halo infs bp will now be the perfect example on how to do bps in the future. Might have to get season 2s bp now.

Magog121d ago

I preferred the days when you played games for fun rather than "progression." The only progression was your skill.

NotanotherReboot120d ago

I preferred the days when Sony could make multiplayer modes like Uncharted 2 and Last of uS

Magog120d ago

Is that your way of saying you're looking forward to Factions 2? Yeah, it should be good.

FinalFantasyFanatic120d ago

This is why I tend to dislike alot of online games, progression comes so slowly that I lose interest before I get too far into the game.

NotanotherReboot120d ago

and watch it have a progression system

MetroidFREAK21121d ago

Great... now about that desync

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