Microsoft promises to change toxic work culture at Activision Blizzard

The tech giant knows it is facing turmoil within its new acquisition.

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I would hope it is the first thing that they go about sorting although as Magog has said they don’t have the best history in this regard. It’s interesting that MS are seeing a pretty much negative backlash from the purchase overall. They will need to very carefully manage the situation as the deal proceeds. People in gaming rarely talk with their feet - meaning they rarely moan and stop buying what they are moaning about. If they did them companies would start to get the message but if they don’t then bad things keep happening. As the deal gets to its final stages and buying it will be interesting to see whether the backlash continues or if it quells at all.

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ChubbyBlade121d ago

Magog is the dude still seething Jared ate his red crayon during nap time in preschool.

VenomUK121d ago

Talking about fixing the toxic work culture is very skilful PR because it depicts a Microsoft as ‘the good guys’ which is the narrative the media is focusing on, instead of the examining the anti-trust issues.

bradfh121d ago

The only reason toxic work culture happened is that losing millions of players across all of its games and FF14 took almost all WoW players. Just like a horde of zombies only takes one bite until everyone turns on everyone. That's why when I work I always keep it professional and friendly but never trust anyone.

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darkrider121d ago

Sorry but after what they did to bungie.... Nobody believes that. They were their best studio by miles. But were force to do halo after halo... So they run away.

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Christopher121d ago

What does forcing them to produce a single series have to do with creating a toxic work environment?

darkrider121d ago

Because they wanted to start another project and couldn't. They even were force to make a dlc into a full game like reach...

Christopher121d ago

So, they're going to force employees to be toxic? I don't get your logic. Two entirely different things. Even if they forced them to work on specific games, they wouldn't want a toxic work environment getting in the way of their progress.

HardKnockKid24121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Oh no!!! McDonalds forces every employee to make the Big Mac according to recipe when they really want to make something else.
lol people spare me. Devs move to other studios ALL THE TIME. And those that do well sometimes start their own. Nobody’s forced to do anything based on what you presented @darkrider

AuraAbjure121d ago

@darkrider You mean ODST. It was ODST that was supposed to be a DLC that got turned into a full game.

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You realize it’s a different division now right? They are given more freedom. That said call of duty isn’t going to stop it makes too much money although they could change the cadence to help the devs

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