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WTMG's Fernando da Costa: "Demon Gaze Extra fills a niche, ideal for those with a grind fetish. Most of its systems revolve around going out and infinitely killing. Sure, it’s a tedious affair, but the quality of life factors, such as speeding combat up, helps with that. The narrative itself is passable but does take an hour or so to truly take off. Sadly, the two pivotal moments struggle to be impactful with both attempts falling flat. Still, some characters stole my heart, thanks to their antics. Then there’s those that had me rolling my eyes. Be wary that perversion is certainly part of this package, with outfits, such as the lingerie, solely for gratuity. Unfortunately, there’s also a boss just before the finale that’s broken as hell. Although, with patience and some luck, the fight may remain an annoyance but it’s also winnable. I highly suggest using a guide."

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