Is Rainbow Six Extraction the Alien Shooter We’ve Been Waiting For?

Ubisoft has ditched the realistic military-based focus for...aliens? So, is Rainbow Six Extraction the perfect headshot from Ubisoft, or have they just shot themselves in the foot?

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LWOGaming114d ago

Simply IMO…no. It’s so repetitive and dull. It just feels like a half baked title. Glad it’s on Game Pass so haven’t spent any cash on it. It’s not awful but it’s not great either.

Snookies12113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

I felt a similar way about it. I just don't understand what was developed here honestly... They literally just copy/paste Siege into a new game with hardly any effort put in. And even managed to lose all the charm in the process. While playing this over the course of two days with my buddy. The only feeling I was left with, was the urge to go and play Siege as it's just fundamentally a better game.

Not saying it's a "bad" game per se, but definitely not something that's worth anywhere near full retail price. Which is sad, as I was quite looking forward to the idea of a L4D/Siege combo when it was first announced.

LWOGaming114d ago

Good review but 84 feels a tad kind. Personally a 70 would be fair but totally respect the reviewers point of view.

SurgicalMenace113d ago

We've been playing it all day on PS5. I am completely enjoying it. They made something new for the genre and deserve every penny they gain from it. Purchased over GP.

hiawa23113d ago

I quickly un installed it. Did not like it, as I want R6 to return to the campaigns like the series did back in the OG Xbox/360 days.

Kosic113d ago

I cannot answer that, on my RTX 2060 gaming laptop, the game runs like shit. I get 70+ FPS but it stutters like crazy, that I've not been able to play the game at all.

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