BF2042 Portal Zombie Mode Pulled From Featured Playlist; Dev Issues Apology Over XP Oversight

DICE has pulled the Battlefield 2042 Portal Zombie mode; Battlefield Portal dev apologizes for XP oversight and "hardships" it has caused.

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-Foxtrot124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

All I've heard from this game since launch is the words "Pulled" "Removed" and "Apology"

porkChop124d ago

It's crazy how they've messed up 3 games in a row. Even Battlefield 4 launched completely broken. But at least 4 was a good game once fixed. At this point it's clear the problem isn't EA, it's DICE themselves.

-Foxtrot124d ago

Honestly I don't know how they can continuously mess up

How hard is it to just look at Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3 and go "Right...lets just do what we did here, refine it and release with good quality testing before launch". The problem is that they don't understand less is more and the more they add the more bugs / balancing issues will appear.

Don't change things, copy other games, give people less content and release it in a poor buggy state

Parasyte123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Yeah. There have been reports coming out of former DICE employees that their management has been awful for years.

BioShockGX122d ago

You can tell that DICE doesn't test before releasing...