Xbox Celebrates the Year of the Tiger with the “Luckiest Xbox Series S”

To celebrate the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Tiger, Xbox created 15 custom Xbox Series S consoles and Xbox Wireless Controllers with Chinese cartoon artist Bu2ma (Bu-er-ma), inspired by an iconic character from his work.

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darthv72116d ago

they have quite a few of these themed Series S and X units but they always are for contests. the only themed retail variant is the Halo X and that is really disappointing. I'm surprised there wasn't already a Halo themed Series S as well.

HardKnockKid24115d ago

Unpopular Opinion as that Halo Infinite Series X is reselling for more than both normal SKU’s of Xbox’s AND PlayStations right now. Through this whole thing I’ve been able to buy 3 PS5’s and 2 Series X’s. ZERO Infinite SKU’s

StormSnooper114d ago

MS going full communist with this right after a very capitalist transaction.

jznrpg116d ago

That would be the year of the Rabbit , come on it’s next year .

Magog116d ago

If it was really lucky it would be a Series X

Crows90115d ago

Gotta admit...I've always like Xbox console skins so much more than PlayStations.

PlayStations tend to look like stickers...where Xbox skins look like it took some thought.

brewin114d ago

For real. I got the Cyberpunk Xbox One X bundle and holy crap they did a great job with that system feel and design! There are etchings and textures everywhere. It even came with a slick baby blue HDMI cord. I wished they would have done that same design for the Series X.

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