15 Most Underrated PlayStation Games (PS1)

The PlayStation (PSX or PS1) was home to a whole load of amazing games. The system is arguably the best console for RPGs and helped revolutionize sports and shooter games. With such an influx of overwhelmingly great PS1 RPGs and other games, it’s only natural that a few would slip through the cracks.

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Jiub122d ago

I thought Dune 2000 was something I made up in my head. I used to ask my brothers about the sand level in Command and Conquer. The interface is like dead-on.

CrimsonWing69122d ago

I’m fairly certain Parasite Eve was not underrated. The game got a greatest hits release and is pretty fondly remembered to this day.

SegaSaturn669122d ago

The Quest Mode for Ehrgeiz is phenomenal. Really good looking ps1 game that benefits from modern emulation.

DarthMarvin122d ago

Back to Nature is underrated? It was the best farm sim game all the way up to when Stardew Valley released, how is that underrated?

Nerdmaster122d ago

I find it weird Um Jammer Lammy being so unknown when I think it's much better than Parappa. It even has a secret second half which you play as Parappa himself, with rap versions of the songs.
However, while Parappa is famous and his first game even got a remaster, Um Jammer Lammy stays forgotten.