Grid Legends Shows its Story Mode With 40 Minutes of Gameplay

Today Electronic Arts and Codemasters released an extensive video of the upcoming racing game GRID Legends.

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RaidenBlack114d ago

The problem with Grid Legends on PS is that its launching only 9 days ahead of GT7.
Though its sim-cade style is not comparable to Forza Horizon's ... but still many race fans are still enjoying November's release on PC & Xbox.
Wish it was a Q2 2021 title. Many more gamers would have given it the attention it deserves. Racing game category was a bit barren during that time.

Magog114d ago

Live action story sequences? What is this, 1998? 🤣

Aloymetal114d ago

Yeah, one could tell they spent most of the budget on the drama instead of car physics. This reminds me of NFS Shift.

EazyC114d ago

It looks pretty good, I guess it's appealing for guys who want to flip through all kinds of car classes etc and a bit more grounded than the likes of NFS.

However, I don't see this faring all that well considering GT 7 is out a few days after.

chicken_in_the_corn114d ago

Looks great. I'll be getting it. The last one is one of the best racing games on PS4 imo

DigitallyAfflicted113d ago

It looks good. Like interactive Netflix production, I’m in

Blackcanary114d ago

Is this an arcade racer like Ridge Racer?

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