Free Next-gen Upgrades For Dying Light 2 Owners, Co-op Gameplay Update

Techland has confirmed that next-gen upgrades from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S will be free. PC versions of the game will also support cross-play and cross-progression, while the console versions will not support cross-play at launch.

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JEECE121d ago

I'm disappointed they never launched the PS5 optimization patch/a native PS5 version of the first game. I probably would have gone back and played that big DLC if they had.

ocelot07121d ago

They said they working on it but that was 3 months go.

isarai121d ago

Exactly, wtf happened to that? I was hoping i could jump in and finish up side quests and dlc on the next gen upgrade before 2 launches

ocelot07121d ago

@isarai same I was tempted to buy it while it was dirt cheap on PS4 during January sale. But with no patch in sight and 30fps a no no for me I didn't get it.

Ashunderfire86121d ago


"same I was tempted to buy it while it was dirt cheap on PS4 during January sale. But with no patch in sight and 30fps a no no for me I didn't get it."

The game is smooth like butter in 30FPS and plays great on PS5, even though we all agree 60FPS gameplay would have been better. I didn't care I wanted a refresher so I am beating the game now and the DLC in preparation to Dying Light 2. Going to get this for the PS5.

ocelot07121d ago


I played it on PS4 pro and the motion blur + 30fps was killing my eyes and actually making me sick.

I played and completed it on pc. But was hoping to play co op with friends on playstation before dying light 2.

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northpaws121d ago

The game was released SEVEN years ago, and a lot of people bought it at dirt cheap years later, can you really blame them for now doing next-gen patch?

Why not be excited for their new game if you enjoyed their game so much?

JEECE121d ago

Lol I love the idea that you can't be excited for a new game AND want to play the old one at a decent frame rate. Also, they said they were doing a patch to take advantage of PS5 or releasing a PS5 version (the distinction between a last gen game with a patch that takes advantage of current gen systems and an actual native version of that game for current gen have gotten seriously muddled so I mention both to cover the bases).

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northpaws120d ago


Did you comment mentioned anything positive that this article talked about? Such as free next-gen upgrade or co-op progression.

It is not that you can't be excited and want to play old one at decent frame rate at the same time, but you didn't.

Sorry if I overreacted, it is just that I see many gamers whine on the smallest things when the article itself is positive.

Aussiesummer121d ago

Awesome news, I'm so glad they are handling the co op progression like that!
Can't wait, only 2 weeks.

IanTH121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Wait, "the console versions will not support cross-play at launch". But how only consoles? If PC supports cross-play, but the consoles won't have it day 1...who the heck can PC cross-play with at launch? lol

Tacoboto121d ago

PC can cross-play with PC lol, that weird phrasing got a click out of me. Epic Store + Steam Version.

Which actually can be a thing. I think I remember a COD game coming out on the Windows Store that only played with Windows Store players. So there was only like a handful of people.

ocelot07121d ago

I remember that lol I think it was advanced warfare if I recall. Hardly anyone bought it off the store and like a week after launch there was around 250 players at max.

Same thing happened with the Gears of war Remake on pc. I was excited by it and it looks like me and only a handful of players where as the servers where dead even at launch.

Rimeskeem121d ago

I assume that means PC players on steam/epic/etc can play together.

CaptainHenry916121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I'm hoping that the PC version is well optimize.

Mr Logic121d ago

Really sucks that me with a PS5 cannot play with my friend on PS4 until a theoretical patch drops. Really sick of big and medium sized games like this and Chivalry 2 missing the feature while an indie game like First Class Trouble can do it no problem, plus Xbox, plus PC, plus Switch and all with voice chat to boot. What the hell

Welshy121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

PS4 can always play with PS5. Crossplay is the ability to play with other platforms completely like Switch, PC or Xbox.

Edit: The only exception I can think of is BF 2042 because they are essentially different games with their map size and player counts, but that's not a crossplay issue.

Mr Logic121d ago

A. I literally gave you an example of Chivalry 2. PS4 and PS5 players cannot play together.

B. "Another question was posed on whether or not co-op would feature cross-gen, allowing PS4 players to play with friends who are on PS5. Smektala stated that it won’t be possible at launch, but Techland is “working to make it possible after launch.”"

Wanna play again?

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