Reflect on your 2021 gaming achievements with PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up

Kristin writes: "In 2021 there were a lot of fantastic experiences that many PlayStation fans enjoyed, such as Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Deathloop. As the new year is in full swing, we’re pleased to bring back the PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up report, celebrating your gaming achievements on PS4 and PS5.

Starting today through February 20, PS4 and PS5 users* can access and share their PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up report, with stats such as the number of games played, earned Trophies, playtime on PS4 and PS5 titles, and more."

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GhostofHorizon116d ago

This was a neat little thing to scroll through. Ghost of Tsushima was sitting on top with 250hrs for me.

Sonic-and-Crash115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

monster hunter world and Death Stranding DC for me ...400 hours

smashman98115d ago

Damn you really liked ghost of Tsushima. That’s like a 50 hour long game. How’s you stretch that to 250.

Elda115d ago

I just finished GOT the PS5 version,it took me 80 hrs to beat.

smashman98115d ago

@elda I’m not saying it’s bad or it’s short I’m just impressed at them spending 250 hours in the game. Also I wasn’t accounting for the ishi island expansion. I had honestly forgotten about. (Haven’t revisited the game since launch)

Elda115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

I was just adding to the convo. His or hers 250 hrs gameplay may have been contributed to the Legends online multiplayer part of the game including the expansion as well as doing & collecting everything in the game. I finished the game far as all main & side quests along with collecting some stuff in 80hrs minus playing the Legends part & I still didn't 100% complete collectables in the game.

GhostofHorizon115d ago

I did two 100% playthroughs and quite a bit of Legends in there as well.
The game was practically made for me though, from the vibrant world to the Samurai era Japan time period.

northpaws115d ago


There is an online multiplayer mode, I spent 200+ hours there with my friends as well.

smashman98115d ago

Completely forgot about legends. Lol at the disagrees. I paid for my ps5 upgrade but I’ve been so busy I haven’t dived back in.

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blackblades115d ago

I didnt get a email this time how do I go look at with out. Also overwatch, autochess, genshin impact on my highest. Overwatch be on almost every year, sucks that I cant beat the addiction to these games and enjoy other games.

Christopher116d ago

Can't get it to work for me. Just says something went wrong.

JEECE115d ago

Apparently it won't work until you enable certain data collection settings on PS5.

thecodingart115d ago

Well, it doesn’t work for US PS5 owners right after turning on full data collection

TheSinsibleOne114d ago

It’s enabled for me. Still won’t work.

ziggurcat115d ago

Maybe a glitch at first. Worked just fine for me right now.

dumahim114d ago

Hasn't worked for me since this was posted a couple of days ago.

ziggurcat113d ago

First thing I would have tried was clear the cache and try again.

monkey602116d ago

I love when they do these

Elda115d ago

My 2021 wrap-up stats...My top game for 2021 is Returnal. 195 hours played. I acquired 814 trophies. Played 1,370 hrs. This is why I support PS for all generations because PS satisfy my gaming needs.

curtain_swoosh115d ago

ooff well, i didnt rly play a whole lot of games in 2021. mostly on emulators
the only one with 103h was persona 5 royals plat.
ah i guess fnaf security breach too ha.

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