Dying Light 2 Trailer Details PS5 Graphics Modes

Techland releases a new trailer showing footage from the different graphics modes present in the PS5 version of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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Neonridr116d ago

I'd be interested to know what the difference is in framerates between Quality and Resolution modes. Performance mode still looks fantastic and you get the 60fps.

SinisterMister116d ago

Let's just hope this game doesn't turn out a blunder like Battlefield 2042 at launch. Way too excited for it.

CaptainHenry916116d ago

This game will be better than Battlefield 2042

Crows90116d ago

Let me see. A repetitive billionth entry for an IP compared with the 2nd entry.
If you liked the first entry youll probably like this one.

seanpitt23116d ago

Shame it has no guns that’s a let down gunning down the zombies…

CaptainHenry916116d ago

I think guns will come later in the game just like the first game

attilayavuzer116d ago

Guns were one of the most annoying parts of the last game, especially with how creative and powerful the melee weapons were. Glad to see them be mostly removed.

Eidolon116d ago

Bows and thrown weapons could be pretty cool, I always found the melee weapons to be better, anyway.

JEECE116d ago

Yep, pretty disappointing. I hate it when devs make a game world and tell you something like "well, we removed this feature because you wouldn't use that if you were in this world." It's like, let me decide that. Make guns hard to find and make ammo rare, and make me me suffer heavy consequences in the world when I use a gun so that it's a very measured choice to use them. Don't just remove them.

Honestly it reminds me of mirror's edge to mirror's edge:catalyst. The first game had guns but the shooting system wasn't great because it wasn't intended to be a shooter, so it felt like a secondary option, but it was still there. Then in Catalyst they just removed it under the guise of "well you wouldn't use guns in this world."

SinisterMister115d ago

About that... I don't think guns were anywhere near useful in Dying Light anyway. Felt like the game just wasn't made for guns.
As another user has pointed out, the bow and the crossbow is exceedingly useful, especially the latter in the Night Hunter mode.

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robtion116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I think Quality mode has Ray-tracing and dynamic resolution, Resolution mode scraps the ray tracing for more stable high res. Not sure about the framerates though.

115d ago
Neonridr115d ago

could be, yeah. I mean they all look good, which is at least a great base-line.

Ramboforlife116d ago

It looks great, but I wonder if people are tired of this zombie-slashing stuff.

Lexreborn2116d ago

Nope, haven’t had a good zombie slasher since the first one

CorndogBurglar116d ago

Why would they? There haven't been any good zombie games since the first one came out.

I love zombies. I'll watch every zombie movie that releases. I just don't get tired of them. But good zombie games are hard to come by.

strotee116d ago

What in the last 20 years is a good zombie movie? Preference on slow or fast?

Neonridr116d ago

Walking Dead Saints and Sinners was actually a really great zombie game, but being VR it means many people missed it.

attilayavuzer116d ago


Shaun of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead
28 Days Later

Crows90116d ago


You gotta watch train to busan.

KillaJamm115d ago

I'd definitely recommend Train to Busan it's really good, but nothing beats the OG Dawn of the Dead, an absolute classic.

CorndogBurglar115d ago (Edited 115d ago )


Train to Busan
Dawn of the Dead
The Night Eats the World
Shawn of the Dead
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later

There are others, but I don't remember them all. There are also a lot of really bad zombie movies....

Also, I prefer slow zombies. But in now way do I have hate for fast zombies either.

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SyntheticForm116d ago

If people aren't tired of Call of Duty, why would they be tired of this? Good formulas tend to last while our affinity for them eventually dies.

Dying Light is unique in its mix of parkour, perspective, and combat. Dropkicking, environmental takedowns, creative weapons, traversal, zombie behavior change at night; it's all quite fun and this is only the second game in the series.

Now it's getting expanded upon and is personally my most anticipated game alongside HFW.

JEECE116d ago

The problem with the "aren't people tired of zombies yet, there are so many zombie games" is that most zombie games are trash, so they get ignored.

There aren't enough good games in any genre.

KillaJamm115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Tbh there's literally been no good zombie games since the first one.

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Kurupt116d ago

@strotee Train to busan is the best zombie movie in the past 20years without a doubt!!!!

joestrummer77115d ago

Totally agree, shame about the sequel though.

CorndogBurglar115d ago

The sequel broke my heart.....

CorndogBurglar115d ago

Train to Busan was fantastic. The sequel sucked though.

But I'm still a huge fan of the Dawn of the Dead remake. I'm not sure anything can top that.

REDDURT116d ago

Remember when dead island was a thing. I see why the sequel never came.

pietro1212116d ago

Well the sequel been in development hell for years now.

TheRealTedCruz116d ago

So was Dying Light 2 though, honestly.

pietro1212115d ago

A least we got updated once in a while regarding Dying Light 2, it's been a while we heard anything about Dead Island 2

northpaws116d ago

Usually I would go with quality mode first, enjoy the first few hours in best graphics, then switch to performance mode when I need the extra frames for more challenging contents.

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