Interpret: 56% of Xbox, PlayStation, PC users are interested in earning NFTs

In response to survey of 1,500, analyst says "gamers just want to be able to participate in this new business and engagement model"

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Orchard123d ago

I doubt 56% even know what NFTs are or they just know it as a buzz word.

blackblades122d ago

I didn't until last week when someone on here told me what it is. If I remember correctly, it's on the lines of MT but you can earn something limited and then sell it to someone else right or do i need to take a class about this crap. Also heard Twitter doing it with avatars

DarXyde121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

"The only criteria to get into the panel is, they must be aware of what an NFT is," Interpret senior vice president of growth and innovation Jesse Divnich said. "It is important that we have people who don't own or don't like NFTs in the panel. We need to track sentiment over time, talk to them to see what the barriers are, etc."

It's open to interpretation, really. Knowing what they are and being aware of them is very difficult to evaluate. I tend to agree with you in your point. There are two important terms to consider: "NFT" and "earn". The idea of earning these things people heard so much about is is appealing at a surface level, perhaps because they are off the opinion that it will add value.

But then again, the methodology we can glean from the article just seems off. Their subsample is from a group they have access to (i.e., convenience sampling). That in itself makes it very difficult to generalize, but then they compound the issue of representativeness (potentially) by not offering any indication of how proportionate their subsample from their panel is. Embarrassing sample size to generalize about this many gamers too, but that's another issue.

My guess? There is gross overrepresentation from a nonrepresentational sample. At best, they can conclude that "56% of Playstation, Xbox, and PC gamers who are at least aware of NFTs want them as earnable goods in games .... Assuming the sample is representative."

This is wonky research.

Kaii123d ago

"The market intelligence firm queried 1500 selected users from its NFT/crypto gaming panel"

Only half the selected crypto panel want NFT's ROFL

biased selection aside, thanks for the chuckle

KillBill122d ago

When you ask the people that are actually interested in NFTs and only half of them want 'em then that is pretty sad. Imagine the millions of people that are adamant they will drop support for any developers that push NFTs into gaming.

TheRealTedCruz122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

A bunch of wealthy dudes cooked up a scheme to make the average worker really excited about an idea only they, and a small handful, will benefit from monetarily.

neutralgamer1992122d ago


Man gaming is turning into slot machine or spin the wheel casinos. Most big publishers aren't happy charging $60-70 and season passes/dlc and they are generating billions in micro transactions

What use to be earned by playing a game or via cheat codes has been turned into stuff you can buy. Resident Evil 2 remake is prime example of that. You can literally by DLC that will unlock all the weapons with unlimited ammo

KillBill122d ago

A virtual pyramid scheme.

TheRealTedCruz122d ago

Gaming is starting to become gross.

I've been moving more and more into the indie gaming scene for years now.

neutralgamer1992121d ago

That makes sense. I rarely buy games day one simply because most of them are not ready and need 6 to 12 months of further development and patches. And then we have the micro transactions then electronic arts makes 800 million a year from selling FIFA ultimate teams they really don't need to worry about anything else

I really want more quality story driven games. Nowadays developers are always boasting about their game being 100 hours, I much rather play a 30-hour game which is quality and full of great content.

I remember buying dragon quest Inquisition and in that game you literally have to do fetch quests back and forth just to open main story missions. I have never been more disgusted by any other game because I was like you cannot really get away with this yet people praise dragon quest Inquisition while overlooking the fact the only reason the game was that long is because you literally had to do boring fetch quests over and over

Crows90121d ago


With you on inquisition. It was a horrible entry. The first 2 dragon age were far superior. Yet...everyone loved the open world and fetch quests...yay.

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