Grimes Is Crossing Over With Rocket League For An Unusual Limited-Time Event

In a development that precisely nobody saw coming, the soccer-car hybrid game "Rocket League" is collaborating with Grimes for a limited-time event.

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Magog127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Not that unexpected. Grimes was in Cyberpunk as a character and From Software have approached her to work on their games. She is an avid gamer. Kojima is also a fan of hers.

harrisonabbott126d ago

It's more of a surprise for Rocket League, as they haven't done music-themed events like this before

KicksnSnares127d ago

I love Grimes music. She's amazing.

126d ago
TheRealTedCruz126d ago

I'm into some of her older stuff, but she's not really my thing in general.
She has a genuine passion for music though, and I appreciate that.

Vladtheinhaler126d ago

Grimes is a truly talented person, I am a big fan.

SDuck126d ago

Pretty sure her music has been in RL before

126d ago